Monday, October 24, 2005

Pros and Cons

I like making a pros and cons list about everything to see what's working for me and what isn't. Saturday night I asked Dan what he thought was the pros and cons of living in New York. We've found a bunch of pros and only two cons. One of the biggest pros was having the means of public transportation so readily available to us. This we enjoyed very much so as we were meeting with some of Dan's coworkers at a bar in the village. We were both in such a good mood that I can't even explain it. Another pro was that we didn't have to worry on who wasn't going to drink because we weren't driving. Saturday night is one of those nights that I'm always going to refer to in my mind when I'm not feeling happy because the smile on Dan's face made my night. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.

The two cons: 1. Getting stuck on the bridge while going to work (something that has nothing to do with where I live, but all to do with where I work). 2. Pathmark is a drive (it takes us 20 minutes to get there). I don't like food shopping and I hate having to devote 20 minutes to and fro to driving there.

Not bad right? I'm loving it here more and more each day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Bronx

My big question is "Why is it called The Bronx?" Then I tried saying to myself that I live in Bronx, and it really sounds weird. You could say I live in Manhattan, but for some reason it doesn't correlate when it comes to the Bronx. So, the Bronx it is.

I'm becoming familiar with the area and have to say I love it. I find the architecture pretty and the people are friendly. Everyone is always smiling at me when I'm walking Louie and the neighbors are also friendly. So far, I've been welcomed home and wished good luck. Can't ask for more.

As soon as we get rid of the fourteen more boxes left (there were a total of 37), it will feel more like home. I'm also readjusting to having Dan around, which after three months of sleeping alone it's a nice welcomed change.

What's even a better change is being alone with Dan for the first time in years. No offense to my in-laws, but I love being alone. The first day I got the keys to the apartment, I was going to begin cleaning. I changed into sweatpants and a tank top. Now this tank top I've worn in public before, but if I'm not careful my boobs will make an appearance. After I put on the outfit, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I should cover up so that nobody sees me like this and put on the hoody. At that same moment I realized what I had thought and immediately took off the hoody. That is when I concluded how accustomed I've become to being around people. Now I walk around in my underwear all the time and love it (and so does Dan).

So now you know what I've been upto for the last two weeks. If I take long between my posts, please forgive me. I'm still trying to settle in.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

No, I Haven't Disappeared

Sorry folks, I only got internet yesterday.

That said, I have lot's of stuff to write about, which will take me a while to do. In the meantime, keep posted. Frankly, I'm quite exhausted from working, unpacking, and shopping around for housewares. If I weren't so sleepy at this moment, I would tell you about how great our apartment is and how much I love it. But, you'll hear about it soon. Talk to you later.