Friday, December 30, 2005

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

The new Bolivian leader, Evo Morales, is set to visit Cuba. Fidel Castro is sending a jet to pick him up and 60 of his followers. I hope this new president does well for Bolivia. Communism looks perfect on paper, but it does not work when applied to real governments. Fidel Castro who did everything in his power to piss off the United States, ended up relying on a different super power, the Soviet Union. Once the Soviet Union collapsed, Cuba went into a deep recession. We'll see.

Here's an excellent article from the BBC called "Latin America faces year of change," regarding the left-leaning trend Latin America is taking. I urge you to read it to learn more about what is happening with Latin America.

Check out this link to view a map of Latin America, which shows the countries that are left-leaning. It puts things into perspective.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Every year, I make resolutions. Besides the "I'm going to workout and loose weight" ones, I forget what other ones I make. This year I'll write them down. The trick is to remember in '07 to look back at this post to see if I kept all of them.

1. Workout (which I do now anyway, but I want it to be more of a routine)
2. Loose 15 lbs. (even though I don't feel fat in any way, I want to loose those last 15).
3. Take the stairs the majority of the times (I live on the fourth floor, which in NYC is really the fifth floor because the lobby doesn't count. This will definitely help me with resolution #2).
4. Meditate more (I need my quiet time).
5. Be more giving.
6. Pursue my calling.
7. Expand my knowledge of crochet.
8. Learn how to knit better.
9. Read more books.
10. Gossip less (I try not to talk about people, but sometimes I find myself doing so)
11.Be grateful.

I think that about sums it up.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

It's Christmas Day and even though I am not the least bit religious, I love Christmas. It's a great time of the year to get together with family and friends to share a few laughs and enjoy each other's company. I wish everyday was like Christmas because then we'd all be a bit more joyous. I hope you all enjoy your holiday!

Friday, December 23, 2005

All Fours (As Per Loudpoet)

My friend Guy (Loudpoet),posted on his blog All Fours. I was asked to do the same, so here it goes.

Four jobs you've had in your life:
Bilingual Sales Associate
Administrative Assistant

Four movies you could watch over and over:
The Lost Boys
Interview with a Vampire
Harry Potter (any of them)

Four places you've lived:
Union City, NJ
West New York, NJ
North Bergen, NJ
Miami, FL

Four TV shows you love to watch:
My Name is Earl

Four places you've been on vacation:
Madrid, Spain
Key West, FL
Ontario, CA
Boston, MA

Four websites you visit daily:
My Yahoo
Any News Website

Four of your favorite foods:

Four places you'd rather be:
European Tour
Bahia Honda Key, FL
Boston, MA
Right here in my apartment.

Four people who should do this:

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Pain--All a Mental Game

You have a headache and what do you do? You think about how much your head hurts. You probably take some tylenol or aspirin and hope the pain ceases. The whole time you have this headache you think about it, and the pain seems to get worse.

What would happen if you thought your pain away? Instead of concentrating on how much it hurts, you'd concentrate on how good you feel. What do you think would happen? Well according to a study done by researchers at Stanford University and MRI technology, you could reduce the pain. This experiment had the subjects look at fMRI images of their brain activity and concentrate on the brain's rostral anterior cingulate cortex, which is an area that is associated with pain. By doing so, the patients were able to reduce pain by a significant amount.

I became so excited when I found this article. For awhile now, I've been part of the school of thought that the way you think affects everything from your health to your everyday actions. Your state of mind controls everything. Don't you notice that when you are having a bad day, it only becomes worse? Or when you are having a great day, everything seems to fall on your lap flawlessly?

For instance, I've been significantly stressed about moving, the house, new jobs, money, and the works. Because of these stress levels I've been sick (for at least a month and actually my throat feels funny), broke out, and feel tired all the time. If I would stop stressing about everything going on, I bet you I would feel better and have a clear complexion. We attract what we're thinking about. It's that simple. Enjoy the article!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is What I Mean When Latin American Countries do Not Rely on Each Other

Skimming through the headline news, I came across an article that I originally had skipped. I had a seven-second delay and the name of the article slapped me back into the present, "Guatemala wants more US help in drugs war." Now, I could see you arguing that it seems like an innocent request. The US is powerful and has the means to help Guatemala out. Why not rely on themselves or the surrounding countries? Drugs are not a new problem afflicting this country. It's that the druglords are now powerful enough to cause damage.

Unfortunately, this story becomes worse. According to Reuters, "Guatemala's reputation took another hit last month when its top anti-drugs official and close aides were arrested in the United States on drug smuggling charges." Corruption! Graft runs rampant in these countries, which allows for volatile situations among its citizens. This kind of behavior trumps any type of progress Latin Americans achieve on their own and also hurts the people in the government who are honest (as honest as politicians can be).

If you haven't read my last post on Latin America, then do so. This post will make much more sense after you do so.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Latin America Leaning to the Left

Latin America fascinates me. The fact that I'm half Cuban has a lot to do with it. Cuba, the country my father fled from to seek political freedom, is always in the back of my mind. Wondering when my father will ever see his brother again and visit the graves of his parents, of whom he never was able to see die, constantly agonizes me. I speak to my cousin (mind you, I've never met her) through emails that we keep short and basically vague in fear that she might suffer repurcussions. Once in awhile, I get the opportunity to speak to my uncle and my other cousin (her brother) if my father happens to call when I am at his place. The email conversations are new only occurring for the past four years. Other than that, I don't know my family in Cuba. I've been jipped.

Then again, I barely have any type of contact with my mother's side of the family who live in Madrid. I have both of my aunts' emails and they have mine, but we don't communicate (I think I'll drop them an email today). I have another cousin, who lives in Spain, that I've never spoken to. The way I look at it is that they have a choice to come and visit, call me, write to me, etc. My Cuban family is limited to the occasional phone call and email. Go figure.

The rest of Latin America worries me. There is always unrest, extreme poverty, very corrupt political officials, the illiteracy rates are high, and the countries don't rely much upon each other to enhance themselves. All of these reasons are a recipe for destruction. Although I do blame Spain for creating such inexplicable conditions in Latin America, when are Latin Americans going to take responsibity for their actions?

Well they are, but not what I deem to be a viable solution. Most of the countries in Latin America are leaning towards the left. You have countries like Venezuela that are very critical of Washington policies and promise a better place under the socialistic umbrella. The majority of the poor people have lost hope in the rich and want to be heard. There's a reason why millions try to leave their countries and illegally enter the United States, which I find strange since most of them are so critical of capitalism.

Juan Forero, a writer for the New York Times, has written an excellent article on how Latin Americans are looking at socialism as an answer to their problems. As he points out in the article, there are different degrees of leftist thinking. He quotes the book "The New Left in Latin America," which states "In recent years, social movements and leftist parties in Latin America have reappeared with a force that has no parallel in the recent history in the region." I find this to be alarming.

If capitalism works in the United States, why not in Latin America? Of course capitalism is not perfect. There are many people living in poverty, our minimum wage is a joke, and there is always some form of corruption in our government. But you cannot deny that the United States is a very successful rich country. In less than two hundred years, we became a world power. Why not Latin America? They have vast amounts of natural resources that would allow them to gain some kind of stake. They don't take advantage of it.

There are many different reasons for this. I could write a book about it. Racism is a very prominent factor in their problems. You think racism is a problem in the United States? There are true Indians who are looked down upon because they are Indian by others who are half-Indian and half-Spanish descent. They may each have the same physical features, but because one has Spanish blood it makes all of the difference. To say that the Indian population in Latin America are not represented adequately, is an understatement. The same kind of racism is apparent within the black and Spanish populations that are prominent in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. So within their own societies, relationships between the "different" ethnicities are sabotaged, which explains why the governments lean on foreign aid. They allow Europe and North America to own their natural resources. Instead of helping each other out, they isolate themselves.

Now as I mentioned before, I could go on about this. There are many other reasons for the problems evident in Latin America. Let's say that the countries turn into socialism or communism, how many people are going to suffer the same consequences my father has, my family and friends have, and myself? There is a reason why many Cubans have fled their homes. In doing so, they have lost what is most important--family. My father has not seen his brother since 1971. He never saw his father or mother die. He's never met his niece and nephew. My father is not the only who has suffered this fate. This is just one example. Families dispersed into different countries loose out.

There has to be a restructuring of the governments in order for these countries to flourish. Corruption has to be minimized. Officials cannot fatten their pockets while the rest of the population do not have the means to feed themselves. Instead of mistrusting each other, Latin American countries have to start helping each other out. Education should be available to all. The Indian and black populations have to be represented. This will all take many years to accomplish, but I do feel that these are steps in the right direction.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Drinking and Smoking is Not Good for You

Last night was my holiday party. All the trainers from work got together and we went to Friday's for drinks and appetizers. It was really nice. We exchanged gifts and spent the entire time laughing. I had two glasses of wine, smoked a couple of cigarettes (I reserve smoking for social reasons), and barely ate (one mozzarella stick and a sliver of a chicken quesadilla). By the time I got home and finally went to bed, it was 2:30 in the morning.

I finally made it out of bed at 10:45, which gave me an adequate amount of sleep. But I have to say, that I felt crappy. My throat was sore and my voice was raspy. My head ached a bit and so did my stomach. Even though I wasn't a hundred percent, I decided to go to the gym. Why don't I listen to myself? I only lasted on the elliptical machine for 16 minutes working out at a slower pace than I normally do. Not only that, but my heart rate was through the roof and I got another stomach-ache. I then jumped on the treadmill and walked at 2.5 miles per hour with an incline of 3% for 22 minutes. Normally, I'm on the treadmill walking at a 3.5% incline and at a pace of 4 miles per hour.

All the while, I kept on thinking on how I sabotaged my workout because of the night before. Today was supposed to be the day that I worked out longer because I don't have to work tonight. Instead, I worked out a total of 38 minutes and burned 287 calories as supposed to the 500+ I normally burn. I'm quite disappointed in myself. Then again, how often do I get together with friends and have so much fun? I didn't over drink. I had two glasses of wine, not a full bottle. I should have stayed away from the cigarettes. In fact, smoking is not appetizing to me anymore. I guess I did it out of habit.

I've been noticing that stuff I like having has not been so appealing to me lately. I'm not liking my coffee. At first, I thought it was the flavored creamer I was using. I went out and bought two different flavors, but they don't taste good either. Wine is also not tasting as good as I usually find it to be. Actually, a small glass of wine is fine, but if I try for more it bothers me, which it did last night.

You could say that my body is sending me big signals. I need to start paying attention to what my body wants in order to balance out my energy. When I say to myself that I only want one glass of wine, I should listen. I suffered unnecessarily at the gym because I ignored the signals my body was sending. But as I always try to do, I learned from this. Now I know what to do and not do when I'm out celebrating.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Random Thoughts

My life has been very busy lately. Between being sick, crocheting, working out, and all the thinking I do, I'm surprised I haven't collapsed. I just realized that I think way too much. I try to analyze every single detail that goes on in my day to day life. I fill myself with warm and happy thoughts so that my day goes better, which works for the most part. But I also thrive on thinking bad stuff. It gives me such a weird energy more so than thinking positive. It's addicting, too. The more I think bad stuff the more thoughts pour into my head. I wonder why that is? I also don't realize that I'm doing it. When I do catch myself, I change my thought pattern, but wish I hadn't.

One rule of thumb while waiting tables is not to worry about the tip. If you disconnect yourself from the outcome, then your outcome will be good. This guy at work always says that and he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He also makes tons of money. I will start applying that way of thinking to my everyday. I become concerned whether I'll have a good day and things will go my way or not. The "not" is what I end up attracting because I'm focusing on making sure it doesn't go that way. I want to enjoy life, not think about it.

I've just discovered that I'm lactose intolerant. I know I have been for a while, but never paid any attention to how my body reacts when I have dairy. So, yesterday I went to the supermarket bought some lactaid pills and lactaid milk. Unfortunately for me, I love dairy way too much to give it up. I'll just have to make the best of it.

I actually got jealous last night. I'm not getting into details about it because people will start speculating. I don't care for any of that nonsense. I'm bringing it up because I can't believe it actually happened. Although, I'm extremely happy about the news, it did bother me to the point that I cried. I don't like that feeling. I never envy others. In fact, it makes me very happy when I hear that friends and family are having good things occur to them. I don't wish bad on others. Very rarely, do I even curse off someone who cuts me off. I find it to be a waste of energy. To react in the manner that I did last night, rather perturbed me. As a result, I sat down and meditated to find out why it caused me such great agitation.

My crocheting has taken off. I'm making so many projects that I'm afraid I won't be able to make the xmas gifts. I have enough yarn where I would be able to make a giant afghan out of the scraps. At least, I'm having fun making all of the stuff. I do admit that I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the deadlines I've set-up. This is also my cue that I should end this post and continue working on the baby blanket I'm making.

This is basically what's been going on with me. Nothing really exciting, but enough to keep me busy. Till next time...

Monday, December 05, 2005

Sick, Again

When I finally got home on Saturday night, I wasn't feeling all that great. Nothing could have prepared me to how I was going to feel in the morning. Turns out that I have (had) a stomach virus. I'm not sure if I still have it, but I haven't had a fever since late last night. I couldn't stay awake no matter how much I tried. I think the longest I remained awake was about two hours, and that was later on at night.

I could actually keep on sleeping today, but I must get myself ready for work. Also, I need to eat something. All I ate yesterday was toast and a few bites out of Dan's yummy sandwich. Since I haven't been sick again, I figure I could tempt fate by making a sandwich. Hopefully, it will sit well with me and finally settle my stomach.

This is the second time in a matter of two weeks that I've been sick. I'm so bad when it comes to getting sick. Once I'm sick, I'm sick for a while. Although, this is the first time that I get two different illnesses in a matter of weeks. Usually, it's the same cold that doesn't seem to want to go away. Wish me well. I want to get back to normal.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Wonderful Day

After an eventful Thanksgiving weekend (good and bad), Dan and I have done absolutely nothing today. Well, I lie. I took Louie for a long overdue walk and he's been doing exactly what his parent's have been doing ever since...nothing. I did manage to crochet a bit, but fell asleep during it on the cordurouy chair in the middle of watching a documentary called "The Death Star," on the Science Channel (it wasn't boring, but I have seen it before). I couldn't help it. Dan was fast asleep on the recliner and it's so damn hot in this apartment that it makes you lethargic. We just woke up about 15 minutes ago, and I came over to the computer. Dan is walking around (I'm not sure what he's doing).

Our day cannot be any more perfect! Ever since we've moved in, there hasn't been a day where we didn't have to go someplace or meet someone. I haven't nagged Dan do anything and he's paid me the same respect. Later on, I'll prepare a nice dinner and we'll vegetate some more. Perfect, perfect, perfect!! We need to have more days like these.

Former US Attorney Defending Saddam?

Ramsey Clark, who was US Attorney during the late 1960's, has decided to join Saddam's defence team. As annoying and nonsensical as I find it to be, I have to say that probably nowhere else in the world can this happen, but in the United States. God the freedoms we enjoy as Americans are incredible. I hate to see what would happen to this guy if he lived, let's say, in Cuba.

Anyway, for those of you that thinks the US sucks, here's a good reason why it doesn't.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I keep a little notebook where I write down things I'm grateful for. There are other things I include in this little notebook, but I enjoy writing the grateful stuff. So, since it is Thanksgiving, I will blog about it instead.

Here it goes:

1. I'm grateful for my family and friends.
2. I'm grateful for having a wonderful husband that I adore in many ways he knows not.
3 I'm grateful for the addition to my family, my little nephew Bryan.
4. I'm grateful for all of the lessons I'm learning that make me wiser.
5. I'm grateful for having lost over 50 lbs.
6. I'm grateful my crochet business is coming along.
7. I'm grateful for all of the gifts I receive (not only the material ones).
8. I'm grateful for the apartment I'm living in.
9. I'm grateful that Louie's demeanor has improved.
10. I'm just grateful.

This list could go on, but I would most likely bore you with it. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How Does One Overcome Being Gay?

According to the Catholic Church, you can, "homosexual tendencies are only the expression of a transitory problem ... these must be clearly overcome at least three years prior to diaconate ordination." And it only takes three years! Interesting. I'm guessing that the Vatican hasn't taken any science classes. Do they realize that there are five sexes? Not just male and female?

Let me brief them very quickly:

For some time medical investigators have recognized the concept of the intersexual body. But the standard medical literature uses the term intersex as a catch-all for three major subgroups with some mixture of male and female characteristics: the so-called true hermaphrodites, whom I call herms, who possess one testis and one ovary (the sperm- and egg-producing vessels, or gonads); the male pseudohermaphrodites (the "merms"), who have testes and some aspects of the female genitalia but no ovaries; and the female pseudohermaphrodites (the "ferms"), who have ovaries and some aspects of the male genitalia but lack testes. Each of those categories is in itself complex; the percentage of male and female characteristics, for instance, can vary enormously among members of the same subgroup. Moreover, the inner lives of the people in each subgroupĂ‚¾ their special needs and their problems, attractions and repulsionsĂ‚¾ have gone unexplored by science. But on the basis of what is known about them I suggest that the three intersexes, herm, merm and ferm, deserve to be considered additional sexes each in its own right. Indeed, I would argue further that sex is a vast, infinitely malleable continuum that defies the constraints of even five categories.
(If you would like to read the complete article click here)

The Vatican further condemned homosexuality by releasing a new document:

The new document underlines that church teaching consider homosexual acts "grave sins" and also intrinsically immoral and contrary to natural law, news agncies reported. "Therefore, in no case can they be approved," it says.

I guess they are still missing the part of the five sexes.

Wait, it gets better.

Msgr. Steve Rohlff states:

"It flows obviously from the church's teaching on human sexuality, which has been constant from the First century to the 20th Century -- that homosexuality is an intrinsic disorder. It is a psychosexual disorder."

So, we're still following rules from the first century when science was not anywhere near as prominent as it has been in the modern era.

This is why I reject religion. Who is the Vatican to condemn anyone? Didn't God say not to judge anyone? It's not a psychosexual disorder. Your sex is determined by your chromosomes.

My other question is to the gay men. Why do you want to become priests in a religion that doesn't accept you? Why put yourselves through that torture?

I find that spirituality is something you carry within yourself. I do not need an outside source telling me how I should worship or conduct myself. That is between God and myself. Hey, but that's me. If you choose otherwise that's fine by me. Besides you create your own reality and so do I.

To read the article on the Vatican, click here.

Just a Bit Nippy!

There is something I definitely didn't miss about living in the Northeast--walking my Louie in the bitter cold. Man is it cold out there! I'm surprise he wasn't trembling (I know I was). If it weren't so windy, I think I wouldn't mind. This is just the beginning of wintry conditions I can expect to come. I better get used to it. Unless, I could convince Dan that it is his duty as my husband to walk Louie at all times.....yeah that's not going to work. I'm going to have to suck it up.

Identifying Why I've Been Negative

Lately, I've been having a difficult time trying to write on this blog. I am not in a happy mode at this particular time in my life. I've been sick this past week, work is becoming more of a nuisance, and I'm tired. Thanksgiving is also preoccupying my mind more than it should, but that's a whole other story that I do not wish to discuss.

Basically, I've been a bit negative. I normally have a difficult time trying to write positive things on this blog. I truly believe you attract whatever it is that you're feeling. If I start complaining about the mundane stuff that goes on in my life, then I will attract more of it. On that note, what I'm having a harder time with is trying to get back into my positive mode. I've been trying really hard, but for some reason (subconsciously) I'm stuck. I keep on catching myself playing scenarios over in my head that are absolutely negative, almost combative. The more I think about it, the more it plays in my head.

Of course, all of the situations that have been occurring to me this week are due to my state of mind. That's the one thing about creating your own reality: there are no victims. I could play the blame game, but ultimately I know it all points back to me. This is quite liberating because I know that I need to change my frame of mind and I'll get back to my (new) old self.

So what is bringing chaos to my life? My job. Plain and simple. My job is very comforting. I know it well and make decent money. It's a bit hard to walk away from making easy cash. The downfall is the hours. I work nights and sometimes doubles. I'm just tired of it. Now, I don't want you to think that I came back to this job for good because that's not the case. I've just overstayed my welcome; that's all.

It's taken me about a week and a half to realize the main cause of my negativity. It's caused me sickness and now sleeplessness (2:40am). I'm glad I've identified the problem. Since the move, I haven't had much of a chance to job hunt. I have updated my resume and been searching. I know the job I want will come to me as long as my focus is on the new job and not how much my job sucks. I actually received a phone call to set up an interview because this company found my resume. Although it's not what I'm looking for, my focus is on the right direction.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Warning---Please Read

My sister had a guy claiming to be a Verizon representative knock on her door last night at around 8pm. Her front porch light was out so she couldn't see who was at the door. He claimed that he was there to upgrade her to copper(#1 red flag). It's a promotion going on at the moment. My sister does not have internet or verizon for that matter. He insisted on her opening the door. He had some form of id but my sister couldn't read it. He was also covering some part of the id (#2 red flag). My sister asked him to leave and threatened to call the police. The guy said there was no need to call the police, but to open the door because he couldn't hear her (Then why did he know that she threatened to call the cops? #3 red flag).

She told my nephew to grab the baby and his sister, run upstairs, hide and call the police. She remained downstairs to make sure this guy wouldn't open the door. By the time the cops came the guy was gone. She called Verizon and explained what happened. They said there was a promotion in upstate NY to upgrade to fiber optics (not copper that's what you start off with). They are going to investigate the situation and probably file a report with the police.

This guy showed up at one other house on the block that had a car in the driveway. He also knocked on her door only 30 minutes after she got home. Thank God she realized this guy was not a Verizon rep. So if you have someone claiming to be from Verizon, please make sure that he is from Verizon. Don't open the door unless you could verify it. Scary stuff.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Wave Hill

Wave Hill is located in the Bronx and offers people a spectacular view. It is filled with gardens, walking trails, and relaxing areas. It is the perfect place to take your family and see exotic plants. Wave Hill is just plain beautiful. This is especially true this time of year where the foliage displays warm autumn colors that capture your heart.

I snapped many pictures, but these two are my favorite. I took them when we were leaving the place. It is not of Wave Hill, but the road that lead to our car. This road amazed me because I felt as if I had stepped into another place and time. If it weren't for the cars that would drive by, I wouldn't have known the difference.


Thursday, November 10, 2005

What's Going On?

I've come to the conclusion that my creative nature is finally squeezing out of me. For the last few weeks, I've been barraged with images of myself painting, making pottery, obviously crocheting, opening my own yarn store, and becoming an amateur photographer.

What's going on?

While growing up, I never considered myself creative. I dreaded going to art class because I knew that I couldn't draw or make anything. Whenever I had to come up with an idea for class, it just didn't happen. I struggled with this to the point of embarrassment. I was always marveled at other kids that would produce beautiful paintings and wondered why I couldn't do the same.

There have only been two times in my life that I ever produced any art work that I was extremely proud of. Once was in either third grade. We had to paint a picture of Goofy. I painted Goofy to perfection. My picture was even entered in my town's art expo and I won third prize! I was so proud of myself. Unfortunately, I can't recall what ever happen to my portrait of Goofy, but I remember it vividly.

The second time I produced anything was in college. I had to take an art appreciation class. We used pastels and I drew a picture of a candle that I have, which features a couple standing next to each other. Dan was impressed by this and kept the picture for me (he's good at keeping things).

I still have my pastels. I will not throw those away. In fact, I want to get myself a canvas and try creating something else that I will be proud of. This feeling I've had for awhile, but lately it's been very prominent in my head. AcMoore offers Bob Ross painting classes, which I'm very tempted to take, but at the moment I can't afford to take them ($55 a class). That's an idea to keep in the back of my head.

Pottery is another one of those things that I've always like to try. Lately, I just see myself making beautiful pottery. I will most likely try to take pottery classes once the holiday season is over and my apartment is fully furnished. I really can't explain what this feeling is.

Crocheting has been part of my life for the last year and a half, and I absolutely love the things I make. I'm sort of obsessed with it. It's just so much fun. It's become such an important aspect of my life that I now sell my stuff. I've been bombarded with orders from friends who want scarves and hats made for them. You could say that I have a second job because when I get home I grab my hook and crochet away.

Photography is something else I want to get into. I guess this urge has been spurred by the fact that I photograph every item I crochet. I like keeping record of the stuff I've made. I took some awesome pictures the other day when I was at Wave Hill. In fact, Dan was impressed by them. This is a hard task because he knows more about photography than I do. He even knows how to develop his own film.

I really don't know what has influenced me to want to partake in all of these activities. I thought stuff like this happened when you were younger (not that I'm old). Maybe it has to do with my crocheting. Maybe it's influencing me to want to delve into other creative projects that at one time I would never dream of doing. I like this sudden urge to open up my life to new experiences.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Halloween was fun and exhausting. This year I decided that since I've been apart from niece and nephew for the past two years (that's what happens when you move to another state) that I would take them to the American Museum of Natural History for some trick or treating. We went with our next door neighbors and met up with Dan at the museum.

My niece was ecstatic, but my nephew ended up being a bit bored. I think he might be too old for this. I didn't realize the crowd would be very young, but he was a trooper. I really enjoyed being there, but have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed. The place was super packed. I despise being in places that are full of people. It gets me a bit anxious. I think that's something I developed later on in life. When I was a teenager, I use to hit those clubs and not care if I could only take baby steps to move forward because it was so crowded.

Unfortunately, we forgot to charge our digital camera and had to settle for our phones. Here's a picture of JJ, Dan, and Jacque towards the end of the night at the museum.

After we dropped of the kids and returned home, we dressed up our furry son. I bought a costume for Louie. He looked so damn adorable. I couldn't keep it on him for longer than a few minutes because the legs part of the costume were too long for his short legs, which caused him to fall repeatedly. But he did stay still enough to snap some pictures. Here he is Darth Louious as Dan named him.
Darth Louious

Monday, October 24, 2005

Pros and Cons

I like making a pros and cons list about everything to see what's working for me and what isn't. Saturday night I asked Dan what he thought was the pros and cons of living in New York. We've found a bunch of pros and only two cons. One of the biggest pros was having the means of public transportation so readily available to us. This we enjoyed very much so as we were meeting with some of Dan's coworkers at a bar in the village. We were both in such a good mood that I can't even explain it. Another pro was that we didn't have to worry on who wasn't going to drink because we weren't driving. Saturday night is one of those nights that I'm always going to refer to in my mind when I'm not feeling happy because the smile on Dan's face made my night. I haven't seen him this happy in a long time.

The two cons: 1. Getting stuck on the bridge while going to work (something that has nothing to do with where I live, but all to do with where I work). 2. Pathmark is a drive (it takes us 20 minutes to get there). I don't like food shopping and I hate having to devote 20 minutes to and fro to driving there.

Not bad right? I'm loving it here more and more each day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Bronx

My big question is "Why is it called The Bronx?" Then I tried saying to myself that I live in Bronx, and it really sounds weird. You could say I live in Manhattan, but for some reason it doesn't correlate when it comes to the Bronx. So, the Bronx it is.

I'm becoming familiar with the area and have to say I love it. I find the architecture pretty and the people are friendly. Everyone is always smiling at me when I'm walking Louie and the neighbors are also friendly. So far, I've been welcomed home and wished good luck. Can't ask for more.

As soon as we get rid of the fourteen more boxes left (there were a total of 37), it will feel more like home. I'm also readjusting to having Dan around, which after three months of sleeping alone it's a nice welcomed change.

What's even a better change is being alone with Dan for the first time in years. No offense to my in-laws, but I love being alone. The first day I got the keys to the apartment, I was going to begin cleaning. I changed into sweatpants and a tank top. Now this tank top I've worn in public before, but if I'm not careful my boobs will make an appearance. After I put on the outfit, I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that I should cover up so that nobody sees me like this and put on the hoody. At that same moment I realized what I had thought and immediately took off the hoody. That is when I concluded how accustomed I've become to being around people. Now I walk around in my underwear all the time and love it (and so does Dan).

So now you know what I've been upto for the last two weeks. If I take long between my posts, please forgive me. I'm still trying to settle in.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

No, I Haven't Disappeared

Sorry folks, I only got internet yesterday.

That said, I have lot's of stuff to write about, which will take me a while to do. In the meantime, keep posted. Frankly, I'm quite exhausted from working, unpacking, and shopping around for housewares. If I weren't so sleepy at this moment, I would tell you about how great our apartment is and how much I love it. But, you'll hear about it soon. Talk to you later.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Everyone is entitled to have a bitch fest. Life at times throws curve balls at you that are hard to deal with. We've all been there when things just aren't going our way and we don't know how to handle it. Problems seem to work themselves out whether you like the outcome or not and happier times return.

What I find useless is complaining about minute things. I, myself, use to be guilty of this travesty. Nowadays, I find it quite annoying (although I'm working on not letting it bother me). This ordeal tends to happen often at work. Since we live off of tips, the types of tables we get are very important. Nobody likes waiting on cheap people. For example, I had two ladies that sat for two hours at my table and left me $5 on a $38 check. Number one, they sat for two hours. Number two, that's not even 15%. Now, I could have made a big deal about it, gotten upset, and let it ruin my night. But why? These ladies were going home to relax ignorant of the fact that they offended me. What kind of satisfaction would that have brought me? None, absolutely none.

What I was happy about, was that I waited on a couple, which there bill totaled $57 and left me $15. That's over 25%!! Now out of the two tables, which one should I concentrate on? The one that left me a horrible tip or the one that took care of me? It's obvious to me that the one that took care of me is the winner. Let me tell you, that I made little money yesterday. That one table made the day worth it. I refuse to concentrate on the negative. At times, it is a difficult task to accomplish. It takes a lot of effort to step outside of the situation and look in.

There's a guy that works with me who is nicest guy you could ever know. If you ever need anything, he's right there to help you out. He's a great team player and just plain nice. His downfall--complains way too much. He finds fault in everything to the point that I sometimes walk away. I refuse to surround myself with that negativity. Let's be honest. Waiting tables is not the best job in the world. Don't make it worse by complaining about it.

I keep on telling him that he should concentrate on better things than what kind of shitty tables he's getting or if the kitchen is taking too long with his food or that he's not getting sat (BTW, I'm not the only one that tells him that). His response is that he's very positive with his tables. My response is "Well you're not being that positive if you stand around and complain about it." At which his response is "I don't need to hear that I'm being negative." At which I respond, "Well then stop complaining."

I know he gets annoyed with me and the other people that tell him the same thing. He doesn't seem to understand that by complaining about every little thing that goes wrong, he's annoying others. Waiting tables is the kind of job that if you become cranky, you cause a domino effect. Once the dominoes begin falling, it is very difficult to stop them. You know what? It's affecting his pocket. He doesn't make much money. The days that he does make money, I don't hear a peep out of his mouth.

Maybe next time he starts complaining about the little stuff I'll remind him that on days he does make decent cash, he's not complaining. Maybe, just maybe, he'll see the connection, which will change his outlook. I work on seeing the good out of every situation, whether it's a good situation or a bad one. There are times where stepping out of the situation is impossible to do because of the heat of the moment. As long as you try your best, I guarantee you will feel better.

Monday, September 26, 2005


Dan and I began talking about names we might like for our kids (if we have any and no, we are not trying). I told him that I would love to name our daughter "Xiomara." He was quite surprised by my response. I love my name. The older I get, the more I like it. I admit that when I was young, I wasn't that pleased with it. Most people would mispronounce it by pronouncing the "x" first. It's like someone saying the name Daniel, Dee-Daniel. Ridiculous, but none-the-less they did (and still do). The thought of putting any child of mine through that pain has made me stray away from that thought. But I just love my name.

Years ago, I went searching for my name to find out the origin and meaning. I came across a book that stated my name was Greek and it stood for "hospitality to strangers." At the time I thought it was comical that my name stood for that since I was waiting tables. Great, I'm meant to wait tables for the rest of my life! Not really, but there are a lot worst meanings out there. After the conversation I had with Dan, I was inspired to once again look-up my name. I was pleasantly surprised to find a different origin and meaning to my name. My name has a Spanish origin and it means "ready for battle."

I cannot begin to tell you how fitting that name is for me. Now I don't take as literally ready for battle, but as ready for anything that comes my way. I think that describes me very well. My closest friends might agree on this, also. Now more than ever, I would love to name my daughter, Xiomara.

Just for kicks, I also decided to look up the name, Xia (since everyone calls me that anyway). Xia originates in China and means "glow of the sunrise." How pretty is that? It is also very fitting because I love nothing more than to look at sunrises. I love how the sky, especially when it's full of clouds, has beautiful pink and purple colors right when the sun is coming out. It fills me with a blessed peace that just makes me love the world. On another website, I found that "Xia's" origin is Greek and it's a nickname for "Xenia."

"Xiomara" just became cooler. I'm glad my parents decided to give me this name. It's not common, which makes it more appealing to me. Something to keep in mind if we ever decide to take that step.


Let me start off by saying that my doggy, Louie, has always been somewhat of a grouch. He doesn't like people petting him, he hates kids, and will growl at you if you're bothering him. When he does something wrong and I discipline him, he answers back by barking really loud. Once left alone, he lays around and pretty much sleeps. It's not that he's super mean or anything like that. He's a loner.

Well, a twenty-five hour road trip changed that real fast. He's just a doll. When he sees us, he runs upto us and puts his paws on our legs so that we could carry him. He gets along with the other two dogs that are in Dan's aunt's house (this is where we're staying momentarily while we wait for the keys to the apartment). He still barks at strangers, but he calms down much quicker. I even left him unleashed last night (which I never did because he would purposely pee on the floor if left unsupervised) and he stayed on his bed all night. No messy floors to clean up this morning.

Dan and I are amazed. We're not sure if this will be a momentary change, but I hope it becomes permanent. I think the fact that he doesn't have to compete with his brother is another factor to his behavioral change. He must also be a bit scared about the move. Unfortunately for him, we haven't settled in yet. I hope this goes quickly for him.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Slight Delay

After all was said and done, we finished everything at about 4:30pm. At that time, we decided to leave tomorrow morning, probably before dawn. We're exhausted from finishing up all of the miscellaneous stuff and it wouldn't be smart to start driving while you're already tired.

Intermission: I saved this as a draft because Dan needed to go online. It's been an hour since that, and I just woke up. Definitely good idea not to leave today.

The good news is that we're all packed up. All we have to do in the morning is shower and jump into the car. Our renewed plan is to leave around 5:00am. This will give us plenty of driving time for the day. Since we're not planning to stop at a hotel, we should arrive early on Sunday. So, talk to you soon.

Off We Go

As of probably 1:00pm, Dan, Louie, and I will be off to our new lives. We still have a few things to do like change the oil in the car, get a new headlight, finish the laundry, and bathe Louie (the groomer never came to the house because of Rita). We pretty much finished all the packing except for the miscellaneous stuff. And that's about it.

The thought of leaving Miami behind has been a blessing that has kept me going while we've been packing (especially in this heat). We're excited about being back north. I think this time around we'll appreciate the more mundane things that go on in NJ/NY like knowing that it's already autumn by the scent of the air. I've been noticing other things as well that I never paid any attention to that I'll blog about in the future.

Well, that's it. Goodbye Miami!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Made it!

Positive thinking attracts goods stuff. As I always repeat to myself when the going gets tough,"Like attracts like." I proved it this morning. I got to the airport around 6:00am (after finding a flight that went into Ft. Lauderdale leaving at 7:35). I asked to be on standby for this flight. Well, without having to pay a cent, I was given a boarding pass. After the flight being delayed for about twenty minutes, the captain came out and said that he was going to try his best to get us into Ft. Lauderdale as best as possible. Worst case scenario, we would end up in West Palm Beach.

Once I situated myself on the plane, I said to myself, "We're going into Ft. Lauderdale." I kept on repeating this until I fell asleep. The flight went fine except for some turbulence (which was expected) and we landed in Ft. Lauderdale at 10:50. This is the best birthday so far because I got what I wished for--Dan. Now, we're going out to celebrate!!!!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Rita, Rita, Rita

After flipping out about my flight possibly being cancelled (Sal you're the best--thank you sooooooo much), I've decided to start celebrating my 30th birthday with a Corona. The flight has not been officially cancelled. My hopes are to see Dan on my birthday. I'm going to sit back, relax, and enjoy my beer. I'm not going to stress out about this anymore.

The malls in South Florida have closed for the day. Families are boarding up their windows. That's exactly what Dan is doing at this moment. He told me that he would speak to me in a few hours. Oh my dear, you won't have to worry about these damn hurricanes any more. Come to think about it, Dan has been doing a lot for the last few days between packing and now preparing for a possible hurricane.

Corona #2 even better than the first one. Dan and I have plans for tomorrow. Originally, we were going to the beach right after I landed. Obviously that won't be happening. Afterwards, we are going out to dinner. The rest of the week is going to be chaotic between finishing up any last minute packing and driving up with our dog Louie. Hercules (our other dog) is staying in Miami. He gets along great with his sister Xena (incest is best) and hates Louie. Besides, Louie is a loner. He likes laying on the couch and watching tv. Reluctanctly, I agreed to the whole ordeal.

Before I know it, all of this will be over with. Dan and I will be sitting on our brand new couch, sipping a Gewurztraminer or a Riesling (Dan likes white wines), and chuckling about our move back north. I plan to be chuckling about this very soon!

Sunday, September 18, 2005


My anxiety is building up by the minute. If you haven't read my previous post below, I suggest you do so first. Then you'll understand this post. Anyway, I'm so damn excited about moving that my heart feels as if it's racing. This is becoming very real and fast, which is a good thing. After spending over three months apart form Dan (minus the one week of our second honeymoon), I'm more than ready to resume my life.

The fact that I'm turning thirty in two days has not even phased me. All I keep on thinking about is seeing Dan on Tuesday and our drive up from Miami (I swear, I'm not driving down to Florida for a long time). Being apart from Dan has been hell. Two more days, two more days (I keep on repeating this to myself over and over). My flight might be delayed on Tuesday because of a tropical storm, which is not making the situation any better. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less because I keep on concentrating on the fact that we've been apart too long. Like attracts like. Let me change my way of thinking so that I attract my flight to go as planned.

On a better note, I just made plans for Halloween!!!! I'm taking my niece and nephew (and maybe the baby) to the Museum of Natural History for trick or treats. My best friend, and now next door neighbor, takes her kids there every year and says it's a blast. My niece is so happy about this that I can't even explain it to you. She kept me on the phone for about 30 minutes asking all sorts of questions about it. She is just adorable. Then she found out that her uncle Danny will be there and her response was, "Oh my goodness that is such great news!" She loves Dan to death. I don't blame her, I love him too. BTW, I bought a costume for my dog Louie. He is going to be Darth Vader. I can't wait!!

I've also pretty much made plans for Thanksgiving. Since I'm the one in charge of making the gobble-gobble, I'm having it at my place. I'm not sure if the apartment will be completely furnished by then, but at least it will be fun. I'm not sure if you know, but I make the best turkey in the world. Even my best friend who hates turkey will eat mine. It's yummy. I'm thinking about baking, but I'm not sure yet what to make.

As you can see, my anxiety also makes me ramble a lot. I can't help it. I have to get it out of my system before I freak out. At least this is good anxiety. What I mean by this is that I'm just excited. Nothing bad is going on around me. For instance, I was having anxiety issues when I was teaching. That was not a happy anxiety. At times, I thought I was going to beat the crap out of everyone in front of me (especially when I got physically assaulted by the students). It takes a lot out of you to control that adrenaline. Luckily, I'm just happy.


We've officially found an apartment. After many dead end calls, I hit the jackpot. For a minute, I thought Dan and I wouldn't be able to find a place to live in. But at the last second, things turned around for us. We'll be moving into the Bronx right next door to my best friend (I'm very excited about that one). All of this is occurring October 1st, which is just in time since Dan will be up here by then.

I'm super excited about this right now, but I can't wait until we're settled in. It's going to be so nice to be alone. I love my in-laws to death and I'm very grateful for all they've done for us, but being alone with Dan for the first time in over two years will be a blessing. I've been dreaming about this day for a long, long time.

The apartment building we're moving into is in a great location. The subway entrance is right under the building, which makes it ideal for commuting into the city. The building has a total of six floors with an elevator, indoor garage, and a laundry room. There is also a dentist's office inside the building. The landlord is super nice and very helpful. Did I mention that my best friend will be right next door to me? Literally, right next door. We share a wall.

The apartment, itself, is a one bedroom with a galley kitchen and a dining room/living room. The apartment is fairly large. I have no idea what the square footage is, but it's a nice size for the both of us. The apartment is also bright with large windows in both the living room and the bedroom. We also have airconditioners in each room. They are below the windows (in the walls). So, they have to be installed by the owners.

I'm flying down to Florida on Tuesday (my birthday) to pick-up Dan. We will be driving up and returning by Saturday. Hopefully, the move won't take long and we'll be settled in pronto. It's going to be a hectic month, but I'm looking forward to it. I'll finally have Dan back with me and we'll be alone. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

You Always Learn from Situations You Hate

Very few things get under my skin like condenscending people do. I bartend and wait tables. Unfortunately, some people feel the need to talk down to their servers. HEY ASSHOLE, I HAVE A FUCKIN DEGREE!! And even if I didn't, you should have more manners than to speak to someone as if you're better than he or she is. I had one of those guests tonight that if I didn't need the job, I would have broken every single tooth in his mouth. Then I would have made him swallow his crushed teeth. Instead, I smiled and got him out of there asap. It got to the point that his wife told him to stop. I just laughed to myself because she's the one sleeping with him, not me.

What truly bothered me about the situation is that I let it get to me. Why should I care about how this guy speaks to me? He obviously has insecurity issues that he needs to workout. I hope it made his night. I believe that each situation that is thrown to you is for you to learn from. As I sit here on my bed, I wonder what I learned from this guy. Well, I learned that I need not to take things so personal. If we were both on the street, he might not have been so brave. He chose to pick on me because he knew I couldn't do a damn thing about it. That makes him weak and I have nothing to do with this equation.

What I also learned from this situation is that I got over it pretty quickly. As soon as he left the restaurant, I was in a good mood again. I'm very happy about that. If it were a year ago, I would have let it ruin my night. I know I'm becoming the person I strive to be little by little. And now I'm in the best of moods. I turned a bad situation to my favor and I thank the guy for helping me out. If it weren't for him, I would not have realized my progress.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Hidden Emotions

I finally got to emailing one of my former coworkers from the school I was teaching at in Hialeah. As I was reading her response, she mentioned my favorite student. I'm not going to say her name, but you've heard me talk about her before. To begin with, this little girl looks like if she could be my daughter. In fact, whenever a new teacher would start at the school, she would ask me if she was my daughter. The resemblance was so obvious that the other teachers would refer to her as my daughter.

Needless to say, I became very attached to her. I would often say that if I could ever adopt her I would. She's the sweetest thing you could ever imagine, but she is a very troubled child. From what I've gathered from her mother, she was physically abused by a teacher. I have to add that there has to be a drug problem with the mother because all of her four children have handicaps. Just by having a conversation with this woman you would realize that she's not all there.

This coworker of mine mentioned that my former student has talked about me and told one of my other coworkers that she loves me. When I read this I broke down and started crying. Actually, I'm still crying about this. I figured that by now she may have forgotten about me since I haven't been around. I miss her so much. Even though she gave me such a hard time, I wouldn't trade that time I've spent with her for anything else. She has taught me how beautiful a human being can be. I'm so sad that I can't be around her anymore.

When I go down to Miami to pick up Dan, I plan to visit the school. My first question is going to be about my "adoptive daughter." I hope I could contain my emotions when I see her because I'm not doing such a good job at it right now. I love that little girl and I can't wait to see her.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

War Zone in America

I can't put into words how horrible I feel about Katrina. In fact, it doesn't matter how I feel about it because those victims experiencing it feel a thousand times worse, if not more. I'm sickened by the images I see on tv, but worse I'm sickened by the images my mind sees. Let's face it, the news reporters don't get into the mind set of those people who are facing the worst event in their lives. But I know you could put yourself in their shoes and get a feel for it.

My mom and I have been watching the news and she said something that I can't take out of my head. She said that she can't believe this is happening in America. She's right. Why is it taking so long for supplies to get there? The mighty country that we are saving the world. We can't save our own people? That's fuckin great! We have the biggest and mightiest military in the world, but it takes us a few days to get the national guard down to New Orleans to restore order. The only reason we need to restore the order is because help wasn't there. You try living without food or water in the sweltering heat for a few days. Not to mention that you haven't slept in days because you're protecting your family or are too devasted to actually fall asleep because the images in your head are too horrific to withstand. Then tell me how you're going to react.

UNACCEPTABLE!! That's what this situation is. If we could get live coverage of the hurricane, we could have sent supplies before the hurricane hit. Everyone knew this hurricane was going to destroy New Orleans, Gulfport, and Mobile. They should have had some kind of plan ready to be executed. We could do preemptive attacks, but don't count on us to do that to lessen the severity of a natural disaster. That says a lot about us.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Red, Red Wine

For those that know me well, know that I love drinking wine. Some of you may call me a lush, which is fine. I'm not really bothered by the comments. The truth is that I thoroughly enjoy wine. Wine is much more than just an alcoholic drink. Wine sets up the atmosphere the way a great jazz song makes you want to tap your feet or snap your fingers. Wine is perfect when you're having a romantic dinner with your significant other. It transforms dinners at home as great dates that make you fall in love with that person even more. It sheds a light that you may not normally see.

Another thing to add on to the pro side of wine is that you don't have to spend that much money to enjoy a good glass. I've spent ten dollars on a bottle and it tasted phenomenal. If you're interested in becoming a wine connoisseur, then I suggest you start off with a pino grigio or pino gris. These are white wines that tend to be light and fruity. You can't go wrong with wine because it's ultimately what you like (although, I do cringe when I see people drink zinfandel, even though it was my starter wine).

This posting was spurred by the fact that I'm enjoying a nice glass of red wine. Reds are my favorite. What is actually funny is that I use to not be able to drink red wine. I was the tacky one that would put ice in it, even though I knew I shouldn't. I wouldn't do this in public because I didn't want to mortify my friends. Nowadays, I prefer to drink only red with an exception to gewurztraminer or riesling, which tend to delicious white wines. So, here's a toast to you, my friends!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Two Different Worlds

Being back at the gym feels incredible. The muscles in my legs are rekindling themselves with that sore feeling I love so much. The last two nights I have slept through only waking up once. This was due to an extremely weird dream about mice, ants, and lizards crawling all over my body. I woke up wondering if there was maybe a mouse crawling all over me, but to my relief there was nothing on the bed. Although, I thought I heard a mouse nearby, but that could have been my mind playing tricks on me. Anyway, I do suspect that my nights will be spent dreaming about nice things and waking up whenever Dan decides to call me in the mornings.

Speaking of Dan, he is not having a good time. Hurricane Katrina caused no damage to his parents' house, which is a great thing. Unfortunately, they lost power and have no phone line. No fridge or ac in the Miami heat is not fun. Not to mention that all five people are home without the wonderful distractions we like to indulge in like watching tv, talking on the phone, or surfing the net. Needless to say, I think they are all getting on each others' nerves. I know I wouldn't be the best person to be around with in situations like these. Don't worry Babe, pretty soon you won't have to deal with anymore hurricanes!

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

How I Will Deal With Stress

Stress levels have been steadily rising. I can't begin to tell you how much this whole move compounded with other stuff has been driving me crazy. I've been breaking out (I feel like a fifteen year old) and my insomnia has returned, which has further worsened the situation. My patience levels are slowly depleting at work because of my lack of sleep.

With all of that being said, I need to find a positive outlet for my stress because as you know, like attracts like. I don't need any more added stress. I'm hitting the gym tomorrow!! The fact of the matter is that I haven't worked out since I've moved up here. The thought of taking a bus to the gym really deters any thoughts of doing so. This is especially true since I work mostly doubles. So how am I all of a sudden hitting the gym? Well, I got the idea from Dan. I mentioned to him how I want to workout, but the bus situation just makes me want to stay in bed. His solution is to take the bus to the gym, workout, shower, and take the bus to work instead of Tania taking me in the mornings.

By actually doing this, I will get the exercise that I need, which will help me loose the last 17 lbs. that I need to reach my goal. My stress levels will diminish, which will make me happier and help me sleep at night. The last added benefit of working out is that I'll have more energy at work. I'm going to suck it up for a month until Dan gets here and do it.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Much Going On In My Mind

I think the stress of being up here without Dan is beginning to get to me. I was excited about celebrating my thirtieth (Sept. 20). I was even planning on going down to Atlantic City, and now I'm scratching that idea right out of my head. I'm just not in the mood for it or any type of celebration for that matter. The car situation is now officially bothering me. I hate not being able to drive anywhere. I have to go look at an apartment, but have to wait and see if my father could drive me. I also want my own place so that I could do whatever I want without having to explain myself. Well, things could be a lot worse and I have to be thankful for everyone that is helping me out (especially Tania that is driving me to and from work).

I have to be a bit more patient. Soon things will fall into place and I'll be thinking back at this as a bad dream. I am keeping myself busy. I have to be very thankful about that. I do go out and visit my friends. I'm also reading a lot. Whenever it is that I'm actually home, I relax and read. Anything to keep myself occupied.

Another major thing that is preoccupying my thoughts lately is going to graduate school. I want to get that going. I've wasted enough time now. My ultimate goal is to be a college professor. I can't do that with only a BA. The job market will also be easier once I at least have a Master's degree. Nowadays, a BA isn't enough unfortunately. I hope that teachers all across high schools are conveying this message to kids. The work force has become so competitive that you stack the odds against you if you don't further your schooling. I'm not saying that you won't make it without a BA or a MA. I do know many people that are successful without degrees.

So that's what's going on lately. I hope to see this stagnant situation moving right along soon. I need my own place and with Dan in it. If anyone knows of any apartments that allow pets, let me know.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Back From Florida, Again

As you all know, I was down in Florida celebrating my five year wedding anniversary with my darling husband, Dan. I cannot believe we've been married for five years already. It only seems like yesterday that the big day happened.

So what can I say about being married for five years? I must be the luckiest person alive. I'm not trying to be sappy, but I don't have any complaints. I'm fortunate enough to have a husband that is great. We love each other very much and mutually respect each other. On top of that, we're the best of friends. I recommend that everyone become friends first before dating. You should be able to trust each other before you take that next step.

Back to our second honeymoon--it was awesome. We drove down to Key West and stayed there for three days. It was fun and relaxing. On our way back to Miami, we stopped at a key called Bahia Honda. This place was beautiful. The sand was very fine and pretty much white. The water was excellent. We hung out there for about three hours and then headed back to Miami. The rest of the vacation we spent hanging around and taking it easy.

The worst part was leaving Dan behind. I think this time it hurt more than when I originally left. A week together is just not enough to enjoy each other's company. I am glad that we were able to see one another. It would have really sucked if we were apart for our wedding anniversary. At least I know that the next time I see him will be for good. I hope that day comes very soon.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Warning--Women Only

There is nothing in the world that is more satisfying than getting the perfect haircut (well, you know what I mean). I've been wanting to change my hair style for quite a while, but not really getting across to my hairdresser down in Miami (no offense to her--she is great, but I guess my Spanish isn't the best in the world when it comes to explaining myself). Well thanks to Tania, she introduced me to her hairstylist. I explained to him what I was looking for and he told me he was going to update my look.

Let me just say that while my hair was wet, I was loving my haircut. I couldn't wait until it was dried. This was the first time ever that a hairstylist took longer cutting my hair than blow drying it. The end result--marvelous. I am soooooo happy about my cut that it's insane. Of course I have to share a picture with you.

Friday, July 08, 2005

A Little Bit of Everything

Let's see, what's going on? Well for starters, I'm flying down to Miami to see Dan for our anniversary. We're actually getting away for a few days. Key West is the destination. I love it down there! Dan is making all of the arrangements. I fly down On July 27th and come back August 2nd. I can't wait.

The job search is still the same. Although there haven't been as many job postings this week as I would have liked to see. It is the summer and I guess things slow down. At my current job, I'm making the most of it. I'm also having fun. No complaints there.

My next goal is to find a school to go to for my masters. I still have to take the GRE, which I'm dreading. I need to get my act together on this. Hopefully by the spring I could begin going. Let's see what happens on that.

Other than that, things have been calm. I have been working enough to keep me busy for the most part. My weekends are also busy because I'm catching up with friends that I haven't seen in two years. Well got to go!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I Have No Idea What to Name This Post

In my NJ world life has been moving right along. As you know I've been working like crazy trying to make as much money as I can. So far, so good. I've been doing well in that department. Just this week alone on one shift, I've made half of my goal. I have no complaints there. One great thing about waiting tables is that when you need the cash, you make it. What sucks is that you put in a lot of hours. The bad thing about waiting tables is that you get use to the cash flow, which means you end up spending just as fast. Luckily for me I've learned my lesson on that and I actually save. Twenty percent of what I make goes directly into savings. If I make more than my goal, I keep $50 and the rest goes into savings.

When Dan and I worked together, we would do basically the same thing. On top of that we made sure that we made money to cover our bills during the first part of the month. Then by the end of the month we're not scrambling to make cash. The big joke at work was that everyone thought we were loaded because they couldn't understand how we worked so little to make ends meet. We would just smile. We also didn't blow our money on drinking every night either, which helped with our savings.

On a different note, I'm down 10 pounds!! I can't believe how quickly I'm loosing all this weight. My goal is to loose another 15 pounds before I see Dan for our anniversary at the end of next month. The rate I'm going it looks as if I could accomplish this goal. I have to say that I feel great!! This is the thinnest I've been in nearly 7 years. I think I look great, too.

In total, I've lost 38 pounds. It has taken me awhile, but it's worth it. Everyone keeps on asking me how I've done it. I tell them that I eat smaller portions and I do keep active. That's the way to do it. And I'm not saying it's easy because there are some days I want to eat a house. What keeps me motivated is feeling good about myself and not wanting to go back to my heavier self.

And now I must go. Time to get ready for work.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Work, Work, Work

Two weeks in NJ and I definitely feel as if I haven't left. It's very weird without Dan. I miss him terribly, and I'm beginning to get anxious about him coming up. I want it to happen right now, but I have to wait.

Waiting tables, as I have been doing now for two weeks, is like riding a bike. You never forget how to do it. With that, I'm also remembering how wired you get when you get home. I've been up since 8am and I can't go to sleep. I'm exhausted because I worked a double, but it's not happening. I'm getting really close to cracking open a bottle of wine (that my folks have) and begin chugging away. I'll either get drunk or fall asleep. Now I realize why a lot of waiters/bartenders have drinking problems.

Anyway, I have been good about searching for jobs and actually applying to them. The great thing is that I'm finding jobs to apply for, which was not the case in Miami. At least I have the hope that I'll find something soon. Once we both get jobs, I know we'll get back into the swing of things.

I'm also being good about my diet and exercise. Since I've been back, I've lost 6lbs. I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible. Although I haven't been to the gym, I have been walking on Blvd. East and the city. It has been too beautiful outdoors to go to the gym. I rather enjoy the view and not realize that I'm doing it for the exercise.

So that's my update. I'll try to post more often, but to be honest it will be hard. This week alone I still have three more doubles to work. I have now begun my apartment search, which I hope to have a place by Aug. 1st. Wish me luck!! I think I'll go to sleep now.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Batman Begins

Thanks to my best friend Sal, I went to a screening of Batman Begins. What can I say? WATCH IT!! WOW! I can't even begin to tell you how great this movie is. I'm not going to discuss the details of the movie because I don't want to spoil it.

What I will say is that it has all the elements I look forward to in a movie: action, suspense, pleasantly surprising, funny, sad, and just damn good. I am also happy that the movie was not spoiled by the trailers I've seen. I did not expect things to turn out the way they did. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT!

PS: The other Batman movies should be ashamed of themselves.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Back in NJ

My first official day as a NJ resident went well. It is very hot, which for some unknown reason I wasn't expecting. The flight was delayed for an hour and we didn't get home until 1:00am. My poor dad, he was exhausted.

So my feelings--sad and numb. I'm sad for leaving Dan behind and I miss my family down there. I'm numb because it doesn't seem as if I ever left, but at the same time I feel like a stranger. Maybe I'm just tired and since I'm back at my parents without my husband, it all seems out of place. Hopefully, this transitional phase will quickly pass.

Also thanks to my dad's new eating habits, I'm dieting. No junk food!!!! I had turkey breast cutlets with broccoli, which was very tasty. Since both of my parents have to adhere to their own diets, they don't purchase anything that will sabotage their efforts. So if any junk ends up in the house, it's my own doing. No more temptations with pastelitos (for those of you that don't know what that is--stay away; they are too tasty) or any other junk food.

Well that's it for now. I'll keep you posted if anything happens to change.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Goodbye Miami!

This is it--last day in Miami! It's down to the nitty gritty. I'm almost done packing, I ordered internet access for my parent's place, and that about sums it up. I can't say I'm happy because I'm going to miss my in-laws very much and I'm leaving Dan and the doggies behind. This is the worst part about leaving. I know that everything is going to workout for us. I have great friends who are trying to get us jobs and I appreciate them dearly.

This transitional phase will be tough. Once Dan comes up and we settle down, things will go back to normal. In fact, our situation will improve drastically. These past two years in Miami have not been the easiest because all of our friends are up north. For those of you that think that friendships aren't important, never had real friends. I miss my friends tremendously. Now I'll be close to them again and that's a great feeling.

Another great feeling is being close to my family. With the addition of Bryan, I don't want to miss my niece and nephews growing up. Kids are great and they always put things into perspective. I can't wait to see them. Well, this is my goodbye to Miami. Be back soon on vacation!!

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Back in the Game

As I told you last Sunday, I fell off the working out wagon. After my nephew was born on Friday, I finally got back into my workouts. I added a different twist to it: water aerobics. My last semester in college I took a water aerobics class (I technically could have declared Sports and Nutrition as my minor, but decided to declare Latin American and Caribbean Studies instead; it went better with my History major). Anyway, I learned plenty in this class. In fact, the class was full of football players who took it just to take it and they appreciated the class the most.

In water aerobics you're in the water upto your shoulders. With 90% of your body submerged, you have the most resistance. You take for granted the exercise because you don't feel as if you're sweating. The truth of the matter is that you're getting a great workout. You also use noodles or dumbbells to increase the intensity and resistance. The pool is also a great place for therapy for those people who have injuries or physical disabilities. There is no impact on your body and the benefits of it are spectacular. Some of the exercises do tend to get challenging because you have to learn how to balance your body. There's this one exercise where you step on the noodle with your foot. Your leg goes up and down as if you were marching. This sounds very easy, but don't get fooled. A very petite and thin lady in my class shot backwards into the water when she tried stepping down. We felt bad for her because she didn't know how to swim and had swallowed some water.

If you have access to a pool, I recommend that you try it. Practically any exercise you do on land, you could do in the water. I especially suggest those of you that don't like even the thought of exercising to try it. You'll have lots of fun and your body will appreciate the movement.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


Originally uploaded by XiaDiaz.

Here's another picture of my little nephew Bryan. I just want to bite his cheeks off!!!!!

Operation Move Back

It's official! Operation Move Back is in order. I just finished booking my flight for June 8th. I'm joyed and saddened at the same time. I really don't want to leave Dan down here, but we kind of have no choice. He's not thrilled with the idea, either. I have to find a place to move into before Dan comes up because we need a place for our doggies. My hope is that I find a job quickly and get Dan up to NJ by at least August or September. I don't want to spend that much time away from him. Everyone wish us lots of luck!!!

Friday, May 27, 2005

Correction on the Name

I just found out that my nephew's name is going to be spelled with a y instead of an i. Bryan is doing very well. He weighed 9.3 lbs. and is 20 inches long. So far, he's been sleeping a lot. His older brother and sister are ecstatic about their new baby brother. We're very happy about the new addtion to the family.

Brian 5-27-05

Brian 5-27-2005
Originally uploaded by XiaDiaz.

I want to welcome my new little nephew Brian! He was born about 11:15am. What's funny about this is I was the first one to see him. I actually broke the news to my mom who had no idea that he had been born yet (and she's at the hospital). My sister promised that as soon as he was born that they were going to snap a picture of him and send it right away. Mom and baby are doing great and dad is emotional as you could imagine. I'm so excited about my nephew that I can't stop crying. I can't wait until I could hold him!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

No Progress This Week

I fell off the working out wagon this week. To be honest, it hasn't been one of my best weeks. Since I don't like harping on the bad stuff, I'm not going to talk about it. In fact I realized how bad its getting when I woke up this morning and the first thing I thought about was the afternoon from hell I had yesterday. Not a good way to start the day.

Enough about that! I do have good news. As of this morning, my sister is in early labor. The doctor told her she was going to have a long labor (her last one was for 22 hours). I hope it's not that long this time around. As you could imagine, I'm extremely ecstatic about this. At the same time I'm very sad that I won't be able to hold him (she's having a boy) for another two weeks or so. She did promise to take a picture of him right away and send it via phone. Wish her and the baby lots of luck!!! Keep you posted.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

Paying Off

Weight loss update: 1.5 pounds lost!!!!!
Not only that, but I've lost three inches on back, two around my waist, two around my hips, and two around my thighs. This is my progress in one month. Since I'm loosing inches, I'm not discouraged about the lack of movement on the scale. For the first time, I actually saw my body in a different light. I was trying on some tops at a store today when I came across a very sexy blouse. It was slim fitting and when I tried it on I didn't look like a ten pound sausage in a five pound casing. I didn't buy it because I found it too sexy and don't feel that comfortable in my own skin yet. Otherwise, I would have walked out with on (of course after paying for it)! I probably should have bought it, but I found another top that I wouldn't dream of wearing a few months ago.

At any rate, I'm very pleased with my progress and especially with my determination. My mother-in-law thinks I'm obsessed with working out, which she's probably not that far off. The way I look it is if I'm not keeping track of what I burn or how much I workout, then I'm not going to see the results. This keeps me focused on my task. Everyone has a method to their own madness. I happen to work in this manner.

On a totally different subject, my job search is going well. I haven't been called for any interviews, but I'm very excited that I'm finding jobs that I am qualified for. This is such a relief compared to the jobs available in Miami. What is even more comforting is that I am finding a vast variety of jobs that I wouldn't mind doing. I'm sure once I'm up there my luck would drastically be enhanced!

Monday, May 09, 2005

A Pound Farther Away

Unfortunately this week, I inched up in the scale. I'm not concerned about it because I am weight training, which explains it. Even though you really don't show significance body change for about eight weeks, third week in and I'm getting compliments. At least I know I'm doing something right. I should probably take my measurements to gauge how many inches I am actually loosing. This will keep me motivated and not focused so much on the scale. Keep you posted!!!

Sunday, May 01, 2005

A Pound Closer

As I promised, I would keep you updated on my weight loss. I went to the gym this morning and got on the dreaded scale. It turned out to be not so dreaded since I'm one pound closer to my goal. Actually, I did get weighed at the doctor's office on Friday. Since then, I have lost a pound. I cannot even begin to explain to you how excited I am about this. I think I'll start the trend on weighing myself on Sundays to see my success and post it on line.

Saturday, April 30, 2005

Making More of an Effort

As you know, I love exercising. I have mentioned this in previous entries. I do have to be honest, though, my workouts haven't been as steady as I would like them to be. It is a combination of being sick every month, stressing out over work, and just plain tired. Even though I have lost a total of thirty pounds since I've moved down to Miami, I've been doing more maintenance than anything else. It would be two years in August that I have been living here. There should be more of a weight loss.

That said, I have to say that my body looks better than it did when I got married almost five years ago at the same weight. The big sacrifice came about this week. In order to loose a pound of fat you need to burn 3500 calories. Easier said than done. My new commitment is to burn 3500 calories a week, which would ensure (unless I pig out every day) loosing a pound a week. Theoretically, if I reduce my calorie intake by 500 calories a day I will loose an additional pound a week. Normally, I take in anywhere from 1200 to 1800 calories a day (at least I try).

I officially did burn 3500 calories this week. My workouts were, to say the least, intense. In fact if it weren't for the fact that I have a mixture of allergies and a cold, I would feel excellent. My goal is to loose another 35 lbs. in order to reach a healthy weight. If all goes as planned, I should reach this weight by October or November. I will also keep you posted on my success. If I blog about this I will be forced to continue my workouts even when I feel like sleeping in.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday is Always Great When It Flies By!

I cannot complain about today. It flew!! Before I knew it, it was 10:00am. I feel like the kids do about the school year; I just want it to be over with it. My patience level is slowly diminishing and for that matter, so are the kids. On a better note, I officially resigned from my position at work. I advised my boss that I would not be returning for the next school year. She was sad and told me that I was actually on her good list. She also told me that I'm welcomed back whenever I wanted to. I was satisfied. Now I just hope the weeks fly by like today to start off my new life.

The next big thing I'm waiting for is the townhouse. As soon as that sucker is constructed, we're slapping a "for sale" on it. Hopefully it will still be a seller's market and we'll have the house sold in no time. Then it's off to house or apartment hunting in NJ or NY, whichever is better. All of this will happen in due time.

I guess all of this is pretty official now. I resigned, I'm booking my one-way flight to NJ this weekend, and I've been job hunting for about a month. The wheels are in motion and hopefully will remain that way until both Dan and I are settled into wherever life will take us. The one thing that will be very hard on me is being away from Dan. I really intend to have a job before the summer ends that way Dan will be up with me in no time. Otherwise, we'll be apart for a while and I'm not looking forward to that. I hated it when Dan moved down to Miami while I was still finishing some classes. Anyway, I must remain positive!!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Energy Booster

Dan and I stayed home from work today because Dan woke up with yucky eyes and my right eye was yucky again. I guess it was a relapse on my part. I decided to take some Allegra because my doctor recommended that I do so to see if it would clear up my eyes. I'm very sensitive to medication, especially any allergy medicines. Allegra gets me going and then I crash.

It is a beautiful day here in Miami with a bright blue sky and a breeze that caresses your body to sleep. Needless to say, I chose to take a nap outside in the backyard. I grabbed a throw and fell asleep almost instantaneously. I have no idea how long I slept. I just know that it was a damn good sleep. Since I'm still under the influence of the allergy medicine, I was pretty groggy when I got up.

This is where being Cuban comes into play. And I know once I mention this I'll put smiles on your faces. I prepared soda con leche condesada (except I used diet Pepsi since that's all they drink in the house). For my non-Spanish speaking friends, I prepared soda with condensed milk. I know it doesn't sound appetizing, but don't mock it till you try it. My mom use to prepare it for my sister and I when we were little kids, and it always hit the spot.

The mixture of caffeine and the huge concentration of sugar got rid of my grogginess. Now I feel as if I could go out for a bit. My eye looks spectacular and I think I finally nipped this in the butt. Moral of the story: when you think you need an energy boost and have the above mentioned ingredients mix them together to feel better. Or for that matter, have it just as a treat. I do have to warn you that too many of those will make you gain weight faster than you could imagine.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


After five days of pink eye, I'm back at the gym tomorrow bright and early (although it's not bright since I'm there before the sun rises). Since the last time I was at the doctor's office, which was last month, I've gained 2.5 lbs. I told the doctor that I had begun weight training and recently had been on vacation, which probably is the result of the scale inching up. Either way, it freaked me out. I've been very careful with my weight for the last 1.5 years. One great thing about Miami is that I worked out a lot and lost 30lbs. I stopped working out after the New Year because my mother-in-law's hours changed at work. I use to take her to work and keep her car. Before we left to work we would go to the gym. She happens to have a membership to Bally's like I do. I began taking Dan to work and that made me loose interest in working out. The reason being that I spend between 3.5 to 4 hours in the car a day due to the new driving arrangements. Yeah, I don't think you could blame me.

Although I hadn't worked out since January, I decided to tough it out and begin my workouts again. This happened after I came back from NJ. Now I wake up at 4:30am to be at the gym at 5:00am. I cannot not workout. It just depresses me. I feel so much better after I hit that gym that totally amazes me. If I'm feeling good that means I'm attracting good stuff. I even have enough energy to deal with the kids and all those hours I spend in the car.

Now I know some of you think I'm crazy, but if you've ever done anything you like religously you know the feeling. You also may ask yourself why I don't workout at nights. The reason: I love spending time at home with Dan. We may not even hangout together, but we're under the same roof. Dan is not up that early in the morning, which means I'm not missing out on him. Not to say that I haven't worked out at nights because I do rollerblade at night (although I fell really hard during xmas and haven't since then). But I do it when I know that he's involved in something and won't be able to hangout with me. I think I'll start rollerblading on the weekends, though. My plan is to lose another 10lbs before I move back up. I have a big goal to achieve, but it will be all worth it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Public or Private?

Should you send your kids to public or private school? This is a tough question. I remember public schools were shun by my friends who went to private schools. Maybe this was the case because they knew that my parents were poor and had no choice but to send me to a public school. Actually, I did very well in school. I was in a high reading group and for about a year in gifted and talented. I was also placed in gifted and talented for music since I played the clarinet. High school was a different story. I decided to rebel and didn't care about school. Then I realized I was only hurting myself once I became older and began going to college. I graduated Cum Laude from school.

My friends who went to private school did well for themselves, too. So the question comes which is better? I ran across an article in Yahoo that states that public schools outperform private schools when socioeconomic status is taken into account. I guess it depends on what kind of private school you go to. The private school I teach at in no way shape or form compares to the schools I went to. My children would not for the life of me go to the school I teach at. But I'm being biased.

What I believe it comes down to is the parents doing the homework. First of all you can't automatically assume because it's private that your child is getting a better education than he or she would at a public school. You have to remember that public schools run many types of tests on children to make sure that he or she will succeed in the environment he or she is placed in. Chances are if you're not allowed inside the school, your child will not learn much (as is the case in many private schools). If your child is falling behind at a public school, you will be notified. This is not the case in some private schools.

You have to see what kind of programs the private school offers. Do they provide counseling for the students? Is tutoring offered? Are there music classes, arts and crafts, and clubs? These are all very important. Always listen to what your child is saying about the school. Kids like to talk and they will talk about anything. You just have to listen. I find out more about home life than I would care to know. I don't even ask.

I know I sound as if I am against private schools, which I kind of am. That said I cannot say that every private school is horrible because I'm sure there are great ones out there. My concern is that people usually assume that a private school is far better than a public school, which of course is not always the case. So, do your homework. Find out what kind of schools are available where you live. Or if your planning to move, always find out how the schools are in the area you're moving to.

I made the mistake of not finding out about schools in Miami. The fact is that most of the schools don't do as well, private or public. There are A+ schools available so it's not hopeless. Dan and I haven't been concerned about schools in reality because we don't have any children. Now that we're getting older we have to worry about this type of stuff. Within the next couple of years we will be having children. So we have to start concerning ourselves over the kind of schools will be best for our children.

Monday, April 11, 2005

Good News

I know I'm taking too long between posts. The fact of the matter is that I haven't been in the best of moods. When this occurs, I rather not blog. I won't be positive and I'll keep on attracting all the bad stuff. Other than that I do have to say that Dan and I had a blast on our vacation in New Jersey (I can't believe I actually put vacation and New Jersey in the same sentence; things have changed). We even got a snowfall, which was beautiful. It was great seeing family and friends again. We didn't see everyone we wanted to, but the trip was worth it. I definitely didn't want to leave, and for that matter neither did Dan. Since we're responsible adults (I'm not sure why), we decided to come back to Miami.

On that note, I do have to announce that Operation Move Back is in order. We decided that New Jersey is in fact our home, which I never believed it to be true until I left. It caters to the lifestyle that Dan and I love. I'm not saying that Miami sucks because it's a great place, but two years of struggling is enough for me. We need to settle into our lives and live alone. Not that living with my in-laws is horrible because they are beautiful people, but as everyone knows, every couple needs their own space.

The plan is that I will move up first unless Dan gets a job in the next couple of weeks. My last day at work is June 03. I will fly up that weekend and continue my job search. I'll probably wait tables while I'm searching for a job just to have cash on me. Once I'm settled in, I'll find an apartment and move in, and then Dan will come up. By then though, we should have been able to sell our townhouse down here and we'll use the money to purchase some type of home. Just in case things get delayed, we'll rent a place first. I expect us to be settled in by the fall or early winter, which will be in time to enjoy the bitter cold.

Now all of this could happen sooner if either one of us gets a job in the next few weeks. Either way, I'll keep you posted on what's going on. I'm very excited about this. I know Dan and I will get back into the swing of things. Better yet, I just realized that we'll be back in time to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary and my thirtieth birthday. It will be great to be able to celebrate up in NJ with family and friends. With a new decade for me comes a new life and I tend to enjoy it to the fullest!

Monday, March 21, 2005

New Jersey

There's nothing like being in New Jersey and seeing dreary weather! It is very nostalgic. For the rest of the week Dan and I are vacationing in NJ. We're leaving on Saturday. As you could imagine, we already have the week planned out. If there are some of you that we don't get to see, there will be a next time. Unfortunately, we can't stay longer than a week. But, I do plan to come back in the summer to see my brand new nephew!! So, we'll get to catch up then. Besides, you never know when we'll be back permanently.