Monday, April 21, 2008

Lots of Stuff

Can you see how tired I look in this picture? Yup, that's how I was in Miami. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what I look like right now (probably worse). No amount of make-up can cover up how tired I look or feel. This weekend that just past wasn't easy either (when it comes to sleep, anyway). This past week, I've spent it coughing at night.

Let's see what else is going on with me. Well, Dan got a new job! He started this past week. So far, he's been working late hours (he's still not home and it's 8:15 pm on a Friday). You know how it goes. When you're the new guy you have to put in the time. Besides being the new guy, they are short one other person, which adds to the stress. I'm sure things will calm down soon enough.

There's really so much going through my mind right now that I can't even begin to blog about it. I actually went back to the gym this week. I've only gone once before. The baby is 7 1/2 months old and I need to get back to somewhat of my past life. I'm not expecting things to go back to the way they use to, but I need some me time. With Dan working three jobs, it's difficult to find that time.

I'm probably one of the few people that enjoys exercising. I love the "zone" you get into right about 10 minutes into your workout. The feeling of my heart pumping really hard gets me going. I began the workout feeling sleepy and ended it feeling invigorated. I need this aspect of my life back.

So, I made a deal with Dan. I told him that on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays I will be working out. If I don't set this time aside for myself, then it will never happen. You know how it is, something always comes up. Let's see how this turns out!

Do you see this little cutie? This is Will's first time at a park! He had so much fun (we probably had more watching him). I can't wait until it's consistently nice so that we could take him to the park more often. He had a big gorgeous smile on that swing. He also had fun looking at the other kids around him. It was great!

You know who had loads of fun with him? Dad. He wouldn't stop taking pictures of Will and of walking him all around the playground showing him around. I think if Dan would have been able to. He would have gotten on the slide with him.

Btw, this post has been ongoing for days. I started it off on Monday and I'm finally done with it at 12:45 am on Saturday. Yeah, talk about my limited time. I could barely manage reading other blogs. Well, until next time!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in Jersey

We made it back without a hitch. The flight went so well that it was an hour ahead. We landed at 8 am. Yes, we took the 6 am flight, which sucks when you have to get up at 2:30 am, nurse a baby, and drive 45 minutes to the airport. The glory of an early flight is that you have the whole day to recuperate. And that we did. Dan (he's great when it comes to stuff like this) unpacked and put away all the clothes while I tended to the baby. The three of us then took a much needed two hour nap, got up did food shopping, picked up the dog, and came back home.

With the baby sleeping (hopefully he sleeps through the night unlike this past week), I'm ready to hit the sack. I want to pump one more time before sleeping and it should be smooth sailing (well of course except for my constant cough). I think I could be in bed within the next hour.

So, our last two days were good. We went out to dinner with the family on Friday night and had a really nice time and on Saturday we had a barbecue. The entire family was over including Will's great-grandparents. It was so great seeing everyone excited about the baby. It's nice to see that he brings joy to a lot of people. He had a blast being carried by everyone. We really had a great time.

Even though there was no beach, the baby was constipated, and I've been sick, we had a nice time. There was really no resting, but at least we weren't at work. Next time we go, I hope to have an easier time. It's sad that it went quickly, but that's how vacations usually go.

I promise to post some pictures soon, but for now I need to get to sleep!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Vacation...Not so Much

My idea of relaxing while in Miami has gone out the window. Our flight was wonderful. Will slept through most of it and when he was awake he was having a good old time on our laps. There was some turbulence, which sucked. Of course, the worse turulence came when I was in the bathroom changing the baby. I kept on going back and forth hitting the door and the toilet because I couldn't keep my balance while holding on to Will. Luckily, he stayed on the changing table. It was brutal and I feared going back to my seat, but by then the turbulence was manageable.

Will has only pooped once since we've been here. The poor guy has been suffering from horrible tummy aches. He only manages to fart, which seems to relieve him a bit. We're trying prunes and peaches, but nothing seems to be working. Dan is on his way to getting us some prune juice. Now, to get him to drink it is a whole other story.

He also hasn't been sleeping well. He keeps on kicking his legs really hard to the point of waking himself up. I guess he's just out of his routine and not comfortable in an unfamiliar bed. Last night, we opted for him to sleep with us and he only woke up twice. I nursed him both times and he went back to sleep.

On top of Will's tummy problems, I'm sick. I sound like a frog and my head feels like a big balloon. I'm exhausted from waking up every few hours and hacking my brains out. We tried going to the beach (this is before I got sick) and it was raining. We were also going to drive up to Naples where my in-laws have a condo by the beach and decided against it. It's not like I'll be able to lay out or the baby for that matter.

We have managed to go out a few times. They haven't been long outings. Between the baby screaming in the car for what seemed forever and the freakin traffic in Miami, we haven't gotten far. As gloomy as this all sounds, I am enjoying spending time with my two favorite guys. I love them so much. We're just hanging out inside rather than out. Oh well, we have two days left. Hopefully, things will turn around.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Got Caught Up!

My evenings are filled with cooking, feeding, nursing, washing dishes, pumping (along the way), and then realizing it's already 10 pm. Yesterday was especially brutal. From the moment I got up (4:40 am) till I was able to sit down on my sofa, it was 10 pm. I couldn't believe it. So, that's how it been for me this past week. Surprisingly enough, tonight is super calm and relaxing even though Dan is not home. I'm not sure why because he's so helpful. Well, I didn't cook and that always helps.

I want to show some pictures of Will (of course). He's so much fun! I love him!! My father retired on Friday. So, I made him dinner to celebrate. Here's the two of them hanging out:


Here's my mom, dad, Will, and me:


Here are other random pictures:




And now I must go. I probably won't be posting for a bit because I am going on vacation this Sunday. Down to Miami we go. We need some relaxation and the rest of the family is dying to meet Will. I'll have pictures!