Wednesday, July 09, 2008

What? Time?

The baby is asleep, Dan is not home, and I actually have a minute to blog. Wow! I'm pretty surprised about this. As usual, things around here are hectic. But, what's new? I won't bore with the same song and dance about not having time.

I will bore you about nursing. It's seems as if the little guy is weaning himself off. I'm down to nursing him only in the mornings when he first wakes up. The rest of the time, he becomes too distracted. I think (maybe I'm wrong) he'll be dropping off that morning nursing. This week so far he's seems less interested.

As much as I want to stop, I feel guilty. Then again, what don't I feel guilty about? He will be 10 months old on Friday, which means eight more weeks of breast milk. My goal has always been to nurse for a year. I still have plenty of milk in the freezer, but my supply is dwindling. I'll keep the morning feeding until he decides he's had enough. Nursing him has not been easy for the two of us. The first three weeks I nursed him exclusively and he gave me a really hard time about it. Maybe if I would have been able to stay home longer than the five weeks, things would have been different. He really just didn't like it. The only nursing he truly enjoys is the one first thing in the morning.

My pumping supply use to be anywhere from 6 to 7 ounces of milk every three hours. I'm down to 2 1/2 to 4 ounces every four to five hours. It's a bittersweet relief that I am pumping less. Sweet because that means I won't have to lug the pump around. Bitter because I won't be providing for him like I have been this past year. This makes me sad.

Well, I have to cut this off. Dan just got home. We need some "we" time before we fall asleep in about an hour. There will be more rantings some other day.

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