Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Will's Birthday Party

Will's birthday party was great! There was no rain up until the very end when we were packing the cars. We all had fun. The food was great (OMG was it great). The cake even better (it had dulce de leche with peaches). My mom made a wonderful pasta de bocadito (a ham spread). Let me put it to you this way, no one left that party hungry.

The theme to the party was Blue's Clues, which is Will's favorite show. You put that on for him and he laughs the whole 25 minutes it's on. Thanks to my dear mother-in-law, the decorations were awesome. She got to the park first while Dan and I finished up some business. She put everything up. She was great! Also, Sal made all the goody bags for the kids. She had pictures of Will on them. I could always count on her for being creative!

We were the losers that showed up late (well we were picking up the food) and left our camera at home. Yes, we left our camera at home. Losers! I can't believe we did that. Thankfully, everyone else had cameras. Unfortunately, we haven't gotten all the pictures yet. I promise once I do, they will be posted.

I do have a video that my sister of us singing and my nephew blowing out his candle (cute):

I also have a picture of us at home. Will is busy trying to grab tissue paper from inside his huge gift bag.

I do want to than everyone that came by and helped us celebrate. It meant a lot to us. We had a great time and appreciate all the help we got. Thank you!!!!


Melissa H said...

He is so absolutely delicious, XD! So glad that a good time was had by all. Oh, and now I'm hungry. ;-)

Xia Diaz said...