Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is it Friday, Yet?

Wow. I am tired. On Sunday, I was watching 60 minutes (I think) and saw the segment on sleep deprivation. Your body basically needs 7+ hours of sleep a night or else you suffer memory loss, slowed reaction time, and a bunch of other stuff. Well, that makes me feel great. I could barely keep my eyes open (of course I have to blog), I need to do the dishes, and it's already 10:20pm. I don't think I'm getting my 7+ hours tonight or any night in the near future.

At least the baby is asleep now and I could move right along. When he's awake, it's tough getting things done. Speaking of the baby, he finally accepted eating food today without throwing a fit. Man, was he hating the rice cereal. I switched him to oatmeal and it didn't make a difference.

Even though I pulverize the oatmeal, it wasn't smooth enough for him. My mom figured this out and strained his oatmeal, added more milk, and gave it to him. Well, it worked. He started having dinner yesterday, which went terrible. Tonight, was another story. He was reaching for the spoon, grabbing it, and putting it in his mouth. It was very cute. He ate more than twenty spoonfuls of oatmeal and then nursed.

Tomorrow, he starts his first vegetable. I made him one big yam, which yields seven lunches. I hope he likes it. Worst case scenario, I have carrots as a back up. Either way, he'll be eating three times a day. This comes at a great time because I'm producing less milk. I don't know if I'm drying up, but I know it's less.

On another subject, I weighed myself at Will's doctor's office and was very impressed with my weight. I'm ten pounds off of my goal weight. I never thought I would loose all of my pregnancy weight and then some. I've lost a total of 25 pounds. Not bad!

Well, got to go. Chat with you later.

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