Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ahhhh....Getting Away

Whenever the opportunity presents itself of taking a day trip, we do it. Our Mondays through Fridays allow us very little time to do much of anything. Our weekends are sometimes jammed packed with things to do (especially when Dan works). Summer is almost over and we haven't gone too many places (definitely not the beach and I don't think it'll happen).

This Saturday turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Dan was suppose to work, which saddened me because I knew it was going to be a gorgeous day. From around Thursday, I kept on wishing for him to stay home. On Friday night, we found out that the party he was going to work was canceled. He would have to confirm with the party coordinator Saturday morning.

As it turned out, it was canceled. I immediately told Dan that we needed to spend the day out and he agreed. The prior night, we had gone to his aunt's house where she told us about her camping trip. This camping trip took place in Bushkill Falls. She and her husband went on and on about how beautiful this place is. They even said they thought of us immediately when they saw the hiking trails available. So, can you guess where we went?


The place is gorgeous! We had such a nice time. Of course, it took us an hour from when we got there to actually start hiking (we fed the baby and I pumped). But once we started, it was absolutely great. The hikes are challenging because you are pretty much walking up and down stairs. If you notice the wooden railing next to us in the picture, the entire hike is made up of those wooden walkways. You start off at the top, end up walking all the way down, and then have to make it back up.

There are also different trails that you could take. Some last about 15 minutes and the longest one is 2 1/2 hours. We took a trail that was 45 minutes. It really took us 1 1/2 hours because we kept on stopping to take pictures and take in the beauty of the place. It was wonderful!


Will was great throughout the hike. He kept on laughing, smiling, and yelling. He would try to grab on to the leaves or anything he could get his hands on. Whenever we got close to the railing, he would look down at the water. He was so cute about it.


Next time we go, I would like to get there very early to take our time and do the red trail (the most challenging of all). Also, I think we'll wait until it's a bit cooler. We were hot! It's also quite tasking to carry the baby throughout the hike. I could have switched with Dan, but then I would have ended up with the book bag.

Besides the breathtaking views this place offers, it's very family and pet friendly park. There were dogs going up and down the trails. Little kids were also hiking along. Outside of the hiking area, you could bbq and picnic. There is also a campsite you could stay at. I'm sure there are more things to do, but we didn't have the time to do so. I would love to camp there (I've never been camping). We had a blast. If you're ever by the Delaware Water Gap, go there. You'll love it.



Salome said...

I used to go there alot with my parents when I was a kid. (They were always freaks but they sure did take me out alot!) It really is pretty there.

gretchen said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures- it looks wonderful! I'm glad you grabbed the unexpected opportunity for family time!

Nyla said...

I am super jealous! We love hiking and getting away as a family. Great pictures

Anonymous said...

You don't look that good. I'm worried about you.

Xia Diaz said...

To the anonymous poster, I appreciate your concern, but I guarantee you I'm doing fine. I urge you that next time you decide to leave such a mean comment, own up to it. If you were that concerned about me, you would email or pick up the phone and let me know about it privately. Obviously, you're not someone I'm close with because that's what any of my friends or family would do.

In fact, I'm going to get metaphysical on your ass. The reason you don't think I look good is because deep down inside you see the ugliness in yourself. So, maybe I should be worried about you.

all that's right, or not said...
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all that's right, or not said...

OK 2 things #1 That is right by my house so next time call me before you go and I will go with you or you can stop by for dinner. #2 You look great, I actually was thinking how skinny you looked.

Xia Diaz said...

Thanks for the comment! I didn't realize you lived close to there. I would have called you to meet up! We are planning on returning. When we do, I'll definitely give you a call. We'll make it a day trip!!