Friday, February 06, 2009

Rough, Rough, and Just Plain Rough...

As hectic as life seems to me for the past week, it could have been worse. On Monday morning, the president of the company I work for called a mandatory meeting (only two hours in advance). You know that's never good. Before the meeting even started, some of my coworkers started packing their desks. One of my coworkers was there for 30 years. It's just sad. I lucked out.

The meeting was gloomy. The CEO informed everyone that anyone making over $25,000 will receive a 5% deduction from their salary for the next four months and overtime is no longer allowed. Everyone just looked down when he announced that. If this is what it takes for us to hold on to our jobs for a bit longer, so be it.

The CEO kept on reiterating how the company is the leader in the industry, which it is. Within this past year, ten offices have closed and tons of people were handed pink slips. I wonder what's going on with our competitors. They are lowering their prices so much that if this company would do the same, it would go under. So, the company pays the price by loosing over $100 million worth of business. Ouch.

What I'm worried about is the end of the four months. Salaries are going right back to normal (well, there was a pay freeze this year, but whatever)after the four months and that was guaranteed by the CEO. Unless, miraculously, we get some of that business back, there will be more layoffs. I'm sorry President Obama, I won't be stimulating the economy. I need to hold on to my money because I may not have a job soon.

My boss talked to me about the situation and what it means for me. I'm the newest one in the department, which may mean that I could be next. He's lobbying for me to take over the job that the person that worked for 30 years had since I basically give him the commercial needed for him to transfer and to show me some data entry that someone in my department does (in order to fill in when he's out on vacation; he definitely will not get fired). He's hoping that with the more duties I have, the more valuable I'll be. We'll see if his theory works.

This all happened on Monday. Now on to the rest of the week. I've been significantly busier at work since the layoffs/salary reduction announcement. I guess the sales' staff is finally realizing that they actually need to work. My eyes are about to fall off from looking at so much advertisement. As a result, I've done 2 hours of overtime. But wait, there is no overtime. Right. Yeah, I'll be leaving early next week to get back those two hours.

On Tuesday night, we said our goodbyes to my sister-in-law who was headed back to Miami. She's also taken Louie (our pooch) with her. I cried so much. He's been with us for nine years and I miss him dearly. There's no one to trip over and no treats to give. Wednesday morning I was preparing my sandwich for work and turned to drop him some meat. I cried some more. I know he's missing us too and I feel awful for letting him go. I feel like a horrible parent.

He's tried biting Will several times and I can't allow that to happen. The stress I had about the dog and the baby being around each other was immense. I couldn't relax and Dan definitely couldn't either. He's back down in Florida with my in-laws who are very gracious for taking him being that they already have two dogs. I miss him.

Also on Wednesday, we went to look at an apartment. The place is very spacious and right where I would love to move. We went back on Thursday to take a second look, but it doesn't seem we'll get it. The owner is not interested in renting the place to couples with young kids. She did let us see the place so I figured she might budge. Oh well. By the way, as I'm writing this post, my neighbors are arguing loudly. There are no fists flying, yet. We so need a new place to live.

Let me end this post on a positive note.
1. I have a job.
2. My savings account has gone up.
3. My 401K is hanging in there.
4. I could be pickier about finding an apartment now that Louie has retired to Florida.
5. I've lost some more weight. I need a new hole on my belt.
6. I could finally breathe through my nose.
7. The weekend will be warm enough that I'm taking Will to the park.

Good night....

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