Saturday, January 24, 2009

'09 Please Change

Man oh man. What can I say? For starters, I have another sinus infection. Since November, this has been a recurring theme. My energy is zapped and I feel awful. This has got to end. I'm thinking about going back to the doctor and see what else I could do for this. Three months with the same symptoms is way too long.

With taking better care of myself and saving money, bringing lunch to work has been an everyday thing for me. The food I'm eating is better than say getting a sandwich at Subways. For the past two weeks, I've been really good by bringing in my own salads with my homemade dressings. I've been putting yummy stuff in there like romaine, spinach, craisins, almonds, and whatever else I think of. So the problem? Since I've been putting vinegar in my dressings and having salads for two weeks now, my mouth has sores in them (gross). I guess the acidity doesn't agree with my tummy. Of course, I didn't realize this until my mother pointed it out to me on Friday. What am I suppose to do now? She suggested I add only olive oil with salt & pepper to my salads. Ughhhhh.....My dressings are very tasteful. This sucks.

With feeling as crappy as I am right now and a combination of going to sleep late last night, I really didn't appreciate waking up this morning at 4:30 to shouting coming from downstairs. What I hear is the son coughing almost as if he was throwing up and his father yelling at him to get into the kitchen. I'm very weary when I hear shouts coming from them because it usually means a fist fight follows. For some reason, I woke Dan up and told them they were fighting again. I'm not sure why I did this. In fact while I was waking him up, I thought the same thing, but it was too late to change my mind. He looks at me, lays there for about a minute (probably less) and jumps out of bed, running towards the door. I'm not sure if he said anything to me while he was running because my ears are clogged from this sinus infection I have and I'm having a difficult time hearing, but he opens the front door (which at this moment I'm confused and scared) and starts screaming "FIRE". I didn't smell anything because again I'm all freaking clogged up.

It took me a second to comprehend what was going on and then I jumped out of bed. By this time, I hear the father downstairs yell back up that it's not a fire. His son was cooking something and forgot about it. Why is this guy cooking at 4:30 am? Anyway, the amount of smoke now entering our place is obscene. We had to open all the windows nice and wide, turn on the fans at high speed, and put on the extractor.

We go into the baby's room and of course it stinks worse there because his room is over the hallway. Our closet, which is in his room, stinks. We took him out of the room, opened his window, and turned on the fan. At this point, he wakes up, which means I'm changing his diaper and giving him milk. There's no way he's falling back to sleep without something in his belly. For some reason, we didn't freeze to death, but man my place has not warmed up yet from having those windows opened.

I cannot begin to tell you how angry we were and actually still are. Luckily, the father woke up and stopped the fire because from what Dan described, I'm not sure we would have been able to leave from the front door from the amount of smoke there was. You should have seen the smoke just entering our apartment. Our other escape route is jumping out of Will's window, which is over the porch. Not something I would like to do with a toddler in my arms. Now, I fear that this kid (he's not a kid; he's 20) will do this again. Who starts making something at 4:00 in the morning and then forgets it? What is he on? If you're that sleepy, don't eat! I'm not comfortable living here any more and will start looking for a new place to live. Between the fights and now this, we've had enough.

As you can see, I'm in desperate need for a little vacation and not a vacation where I'm sick and can't do anything, which is what happened the last time we went away. I must be focusing way too much on all the bad going on because I just keep on attracting it. I'm tired and can't really handle it anymore. Something has to change in a positive way because these last few months have not been living.

Hopefully, my next post will be positive.

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Toni said...


We went to HighSchool together. But, I somehow came across your blog.

Anyway, if you are looking to move, we are leaving our apt this week and it is for rent. It is a really great, huge place. It is in Fairview just a couple blocks from NYC transportation.

If you want additional details, email me: