Monday, September 06, 2004

Hurricane Ivan

Because Frances wasn't enough! Now we have Ivan to worry about. As of right now, it's a Category 4 with winds of 125 mph and it's traveling at 23 mph, which is quite fast. From the pictures, it seems as if it's going straight into Florida.

I brought this up to Dan last night, but I feel that the last two years have been hectic with storms. The last winter I spent in NJ, we got pounded with blizzards and bitter weather. That summer, I remember spending an entire month without seeing the sun. I remember that vividly because I was alone. Dan had already moved down to Miami. It made me really depressed. In Florida, we've had two major hurricanes and we're only in September. It has also been a very rainy season. I hope this trend does not continue. - Storm Track

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