Sunday, September 05, 2004


Frances's core hit in Stuart, which is north of West Palm Beach. We've gotten the storm, but with wind gusts of up to 50-70 miles an hour. The right side of the storm has not hit yet, which is expected to be the worst part of the storm. Miami will be getting the tail end of it, but with the same wind speeds. Money hungry places are already opening up, even though the advisory is to stay home. I guess they figure that people have been cooped up in their homes since Thursday night and are itching to get out (I'm one of those, but with my luck I'll have a tree fall on me). I couldn't go online yesterday because we kept on having power surges. Luckily, we never lost the electricity. It might happen later on today, but so far, so good.

Other than that, everything has been fine. The only problem is that we're bored. I've been studying for the GRE, and finally got a chance to play with the Xbox. I played Prince of Persia. I didn't do so bad. Dan has been so involved in Knights of the Old Republic that I haven't even held the controller.

Anyway with this whole preparation for Frances, I haven't had much of a chance to study for the GRE. I wanted to take the exam the weekend of my birthday, but the more I look at the material, the more I realize how unprepared I really am for this exam. I'm going to have to hold off on school until the summer. I believe I have until April to apply for the summer. I'll probably take the exam some time in March. There's no point of taking an exam you're not prepared for. I am now giving myself six months to study for it. I'm upset about this, but I know it's the best move. Once I'm back in school, I'll be back in business.

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