Friday, December 10, 2004


Dan and I have nicknamed our dog Louie, Houdini. Our dear little pooch has figured out how to get out of his harness. We leave our dogs leashed at night because they like leaving their mark. Not so much Louie, but Hercules. If he's left alone, he'll walk to every corner of the house, lift his leg, and mark his spot. Very annoying to say the least. Hence they are leashed at night or when we're not home.

Louie I guess feels that he shouldn't be leashed because he backs out of his harness. He really doesn't mark his spot anywhere, but I don't feel comfortable leaving loose all day. If it were my place, then I probably would. Then again Hercules would get jealous. Drama! If Hercules would control himself I would love to leave them loose. They spend their day sleeping when I'm home. Xena is left loose all day, but she's not allowed on the carpet because she thinks it's a giant wee-wee pad. On the tile, she's fine.

So we started to put Louie in a crate, but we feel awful leaving him in there all day. My father-in-law decided to buy a choke chain. I personally don't like it, but we put it on to see if he would stop escaping. He's been wearing it for about three weeks. Everything was fine until yesterday. Somehow, he has figured out how to get out of the choke chain. I have no clue how he managed because choke chains tighten up when you pull. He bypassed pass that obstacle because my father-in-law caught him loose drinking water. So much for the choke chain.

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