Monday, December 20, 2004

What Some Find Humorous

I'm reading through Wired News when I came across this tiny article. The guy, Antonio Casale, deserves to be thrown in jail for thinking that his prank was funny. Please read on:

Bad Call
Practical jokes are often funny only to the prankster, and an Italian tourist's recent idea of a joke is a case in point. Antonio Casale sent a text message to his wife while he was on a flight from Sydney to Vienna, telling her the plane was being hijacked by terrorists. His wife called Italian police. "The Italian police picked up on it, then the Italian embassy, the Australian Federal Police came in on it, and it was quite a big operation," said a spokesman for the Australian Transport Minister. Counterterrorism negotiators contacted the pilot, who was unaware of any hijacking attempt. "Federal police and other authorities over here have got enough on their plate without having to worry about stupidity like this as well," the spokesman said.
-- Debra Jones

Can you imagine how his poor wife felt when she received that text message? What was he thinking? Personally, I would divorce him for being stupid.

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