Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I'm still sick

My flu has turned into pharyngitis and bronchitis. I've never coughed up so much junk in my life. I've never had bronchitis, either. I attribute my illness to the lack of ventilation in the school I work in. I can't also forget the fact that the children are constantly hugging me and the majority of the teachers are sick. I've been sick now for about two weeks and I'm not having any fun. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and I'll be taking them until I die. I just want to get better so that when my winter vacation comes up in two weeks I'll be able to enjoy it.

Not to mention that I haven't exercised. I attempted to rollerblade a few days ago. The thought of putting on my rollerblades exhausted me into bed. I haven't even been watching the news. Although, I have been hooked on this yahoo game called bookworm, but even that makes me very sleepy.

I have now thoroughly exhausted myself and I'm going back to bed. See ya!

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