Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm Hooked Again!!!

I haven't played video games in a long time. It must be about a good six months (I played this one game, but only for about a day). Anyway, sometime last week, we realized we had a credit at Target for about $20 and didn't know what to buy. We looked for movies, but nothing seem to catch our eye. Well, I saw that EA Sports Big came out with SSX on Tour. I love SSX! I have their other two SSX games, which are loads of fun.

SSX is a snow boarding game where you race others to the finish line, do major tricks to gain points, and you get to dress up your character with different outfits you unlock or buy. This game is loads of fun. I like it because you it's not a role playing game, which I tend to find slightly boring. This is like a very cool Super Mario Brothers where you go through different worlds.

Well, I was playing so much last night that my eyes became totally irritated. They wouldn't stop tearing. My eyes felt as if I had grabbed sand paper and decided to rub my eyes with it. Terrible feeling! Anyway, I recommend the game. It's about twenty bucks (or maybe thirty) and you'll have loads of fun.

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