Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dogs are Funny!

My pooch, Louie, has done a remarkable change since we've moved back up north. I think he decided to switch realities or something. Anyway, there are no complaints here. He's a wonderful dog (he's sleeping as I write), and I'm very happy he's a part of my life. Whenever I need comforting, he's right there licking my hand or trying to jump on me. He gets excited when I get home from work and attacks me. He follows me around the apartment, whether it's to the kitchen (especially the kitchen), bedroom, bathroom, or living room. When I walk him, he knows that I'll give him a treat as soon as we walk through the door. So he sits patiently by the entrance to the kitchen with his face slightly tilted. Whenever he needs water, he walks over to the bathtub and jumps right in. That's our cue to fill up his water bowl.

A new thing I've noticed that he's been doing lately is that I think he sleep walks. I'm not entirely sure if it's sleep walking or he just can't focus when he first wakes up. If I want him to leave the bedroom and he's been sleeping, I usually call him and he looks at me. No big deal. I won't be able to get him our of the room without coaxing him with a treat. He'll immediately walk with me. I grab the treat and throw it at him, but it usually just hits his face. Once it hits the floor, he stares at me. Normally, he catches the treat in the air. I then have to grab the treat and put it in his mouth, which by then he's realized what's going on.

I find this to be hilarious! I guess it's the same as when we first wake up that we're a bit disoriented. I feel so bad that I end up hitting across the face with the treat. Poor thing!! I have to remember that next time, I should really wake him up before I throw things at him.

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