Saturday, April 08, 2006

Parenting Preview

Last night was a muggy, sticky night. The heat was on for whatever reason and it was making matters worse. We decided to go to bed at around 12:30 and there was no way in hell that we would be able to fall asleep. Dan decided to turn on the ac, which really improved the situation dramatically. The only problem was Louie. He just wouldn't settle down. He kept walking around the room and specifically to Dan's side of the bed. He would sit, shake, and stare Dan down. It was quite funny.

Of course, Dan didn't think so. He desperately wanted to sleep and would get upset. It turned into "Louie go to bed!" every few minutes, which would wake me up (I was in that in between sleep stages that any little noise snaps you right back into reality). Anyway, at one point I became annoyed and told Dan not to yell at him anymore. This turned into a parent fight in which Dan told me to stop babying Louie. I retorted, "I'm not babying him!"

I asked Louie to go to bed, but to no avail. I got up from bed and left the room. Louie followed right along. I filled up his bowl with water. Maybe he was thirsty? Nope, he just stared at me. Then it hit me. The noise of the ac was bothering him. I realized this because he plopped himself in front of the recliner and just stared at me as I walked away. I went back into the bedroom, but he didn't follow. Then we all slept soundly.

And we definitely slept soundly. I was the first one to wake up this morning to realize it was noon!!! I thought it was maybe 9 or 10 in the morning. I guess we needed the sleep. I got up and saw that Louie never returned to the bedroom. I went into the living room and found him on the couch on top of a throw. His ears went straight up when he saw me. I started laughing and got him off the couch. I then woke Dan up.

I can't believe we slept so late! I guess we needed it. I don't particularly care for sleeping in late. I feel as if I waste the day away. Anyway, this is the funniest thing that's happened in the last few days and I had to blog about it. Other than that, nothing has been going on. I've been a bit stressed, but I'm learning how to deal with it (besides my face can't take it anymore).

So there you have it, Dan and I acting as parents. There's the preview. Dogs are like kids that don't know how to speak yet. Although Louie communicates with us all the time, we sometimes just don't catch it. We've had Louie for six years now. I'm guessing we're doing a good job with him. He loves us to death and we do to.

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all that's right, or not said...

You guys sound ready!! I would love for a little xia or dan to be blogged about! Have any recent pics of your nieces or nephews?