Sunday, December 09, 2007

Well Hello!!!

I know, I've neglected my blogging, but not because I've wanted to. Time is very scarce these days. Whatever free time I have, I take advantage of it by doing stuff around the house (like putting laundry away, trying to cook, etc). In all honesty, not much has been going on around the Diaz household. We've been working (Dan is working an extra job) and having fun with Will.
The baby is doing great. He's up to 13lbs. and 3oz! Yup, he's a bit heavy. We're putting 6mo clothes on him for the most part. Will is taking after us. He's not fat, but he is broad. I love him so much!!! He also seems like a happy baby, laughing at us every chance he gets. Will also loves it when I read to him and watching TV. When I read to him, he stares intently at the pictures and sometimes laughs at them.

Well, as you know, my time is short. I must go. I'm actually making chicken rice soup. Dan's a bit under the weather. It's an ideal dish to make to have for the next several days (since cooking is now a luxury). I'll leave you with my little guy!


Amy said...

I love my nephew. He is sooooo adorable. I just want to eat his cheeks.

Melissa H said...

I second the cheek-eating. Even though you sound busy, it sounds like you have found a happy rhythm. Have a fantastic Christmas with your new family member!