Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back in Jersey

We made it back without a hitch. The flight went so well that it was an hour ahead. We landed at 8 am. Yes, we took the 6 am flight, which sucks when you have to get up at 2:30 am, nurse a baby, and drive 45 minutes to the airport. The glory of an early flight is that you have the whole day to recuperate. And that we did. Dan (he's great when it comes to stuff like this) unpacked and put away all the clothes while I tended to the baby. The three of us then took a much needed two hour nap, got up did food shopping, picked up the dog, and came back home.

With the baby sleeping (hopefully he sleeps through the night unlike this past week), I'm ready to hit the sack. I want to pump one more time before sleeping and it should be smooth sailing (well of course except for my constant cough). I think I could be in bed within the next hour.

So, our last two days were good. We went out to dinner with the family on Friday night and had a really nice time and on Saturday we had a barbecue. The entire family was over including Will's great-grandparents. It was so great seeing everyone excited about the baby. It's nice to see that he brings joy to a lot of people. He had a blast being carried by everyone. We really had a great time.

Even though there was no beach, the baby was constipated, and I've been sick, we had a nice time. There was really no resting, but at least we weren't at work. Next time we go, I hope to have an easier time. It's sad that it went quickly, but that's how vacations usually go.

I promise to post some pictures soon, but for now I need to get to sleep!

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