Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Got Caught Up!

My evenings are filled with cooking, feeding, nursing, washing dishes, pumping (along the way), and then realizing it's already 10 pm. Yesterday was especially brutal. From the moment I got up (4:40 am) till I was able to sit down on my sofa, it was 10 pm. I couldn't believe it. So, that's how it been for me this past week. Surprisingly enough, tonight is super calm and relaxing even though Dan is not home. I'm not sure why because he's so helpful. Well, I didn't cook and that always helps.

I want to show some pictures of Will (of course). He's so much fun! I love him!! My father retired on Friday. So, I made him dinner to celebrate. Here's the two of them hanging out:


Here's my mom, dad, Will, and me:


Here are other random pictures:




And now I must go. I probably won't be posting for a bit because I am going on vacation this Sunday. Down to Miami we go. We need some relaxation and the rest of the family is dying to meet Will. I'll have pictures!


amy said...

omg I just want to eat his cheeks. My favorite is the one that he is eating and he smiling.

Love sis

gretchen said...

Have a great trip!

Casdok said...

Lovely photos :)