Friday, April 11, 2008

Vacation...Not so Much

My idea of relaxing while in Miami has gone out the window. Our flight was wonderful. Will slept through most of it and when he was awake he was having a good old time on our laps. There was some turbulence, which sucked. Of course, the worse turulence came when I was in the bathroom changing the baby. I kept on going back and forth hitting the door and the toilet because I couldn't keep my balance while holding on to Will. Luckily, he stayed on the changing table. It was brutal and I feared going back to my seat, but by then the turbulence was manageable.

Will has only pooped once since we've been here. The poor guy has been suffering from horrible tummy aches. He only manages to fart, which seems to relieve him a bit. We're trying prunes and peaches, but nothing seems to be working. Dan is on his way to getting us some prune juice. Now, to get him to drink it is a whole other story.

He also hasn't been sleeping well. He keeps on kicking his legs really hard to the point of waking himself up. I guess he's just out of his routine and not comfortable in an unfamiliar bed. Last night, we opted for him to sleep with us and he only woke up twice. I nursed him both times and he went back to sleep.

On top of Will's tummy problems, I'm sick. I sound like a frog and my head feels like a big balloon. I'm exhausted from waking up every few hours and hacking my brains out. We tried going to the beach (this is before I got sick) and it was raining. We were also going to drive up to Naples where my in-laws have a condo by the beach and decided against it. It's not like I'll be able to lay out or the baby for that matter.

We have managed to go out a few times. They haven't been long outings. Between the baby screaming in the car for what seemed forever and the freakin traffic in Miami, we haven't gotten far. As gloomy as this all sounds, I am enjoying spending time with my two favorite guys. I love them so much. We're just hanging out inside rather than out. Oh well, we have two days left. Hopefully, things will turn around.

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gretchen said...

Thanks for making up all these stories about your vacation so we won't be jealous :-) Ha ha!

Sorry you and Will are both feeling bad- hope the next couple days get better!