Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble!!!

What a great Thanksgiving we had! We had so much food! Let's see, we had turkey, sweet potato au gratin, yucca, arroz morro, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cappuccino spiced cookies, apple pie, cake, and ice cream. That was only for dinner. We started off the day with little hot dogs in pastry puffs, taquitos, and pizza. Needless to say, you had to roll us out of Dan's aunt's house. We truly had a great time.

You know me, on days like these I go crazy baking and cooking. The turkey was curtesy of me. Every year, I'm the designated turkey maker. I don't mind either. I know I'm patting myself on the back for this, but my turkey rocks. How could it not? I wrap it in bacon. This year, I wanted to make some different stuff. So I made sweet potato au gratin. This was by far, my favorite dish of the night. Deadly to my hips, but oh sooooo good. I'm making another batch this weekend. The sweet potatoes just melted in your mouth. The next thing I made was pumpkin pie. It was such an easy recipe, but it was also so delicious. I'll be making this quite often (after a week of serious dieting). The last thing I made, which isn't new were the cappuccino spiced cookies. I made them last year for Christmas and heard that everyone still remembered them and wanted them again. I obliged. They're so damn good.

Well, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy your four day weekend for those of you lucky enough to have off. I'll leave you with this great picture of Will enjoying pumpkin pie.

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Melissa H said...

What type of drugs did you put in that pumpkin pie? LOL!

He's still a doll, even when he looks stoned from carb overload. :-)