Sunday, January 04, 2009

What a Start to the Year

When I said to bring on '09 I wasn't really thinking of an ear infection and very, very sore throat. Will is the one with the ear infection. He's been miserable. My staycation was really a staycation. I haven't left home other than a quick trip to the liquor store, Shop Rite, the gym (yes, I did manage to work-out), and the doctor's visit (today). Five days off and that's it.

Dan's birthday didn't turn out to much. Will was so upset and uncomfortable that he spent the entire day on top of me. I'm not exaggerating. So my plans for his birthday didn't amount to anything. Well, at least Dan plans to celebrate his birthday for the next week. I'll make it up to him.

The sore throat affliction is mine. Yes, back in November I had strep throat. Now, my throat feels as if I have shards of glass stuck. Not fun. So, I've been gargling with some rinse you could buy over the counter, spraying with throat spray, drank got water with lemon and honey, and took a shot of brandy (btw, disgusting). My throat seems a bit better now. I'll have my hot water with lemon and honey cocktail again before going to bed. I expect to feel better by tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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