Sunday, October 03, 2004


There are five weeks left to election day, and I still have no idea who am I going to vote for. This is a bad sign. I'm not crazy about Bush and I was in favor over the war. Although, I always said he didn't have a clear definition on why we were going into war. You can't have different objectives on why you're taking a country to war. It was the wmd's and we were under imminent threat to be attacked. These are two very different reasons on why to go to war. I still supported it because I believed the evidence was there that Iraq had wmd's. Obviously that wasn't the case and there was no imminent threat of us being attacked. But I do believe that it is better that Saddam Hussein is out of power. This man is a horrible person and what he's done to his own people is unthinkable. That being said, I now feel we should have concentrated more on Afghanistan.

I don't agree with everything Bush believes in, which I think would be weird if I did. For example, I love Dan to death, but that doesn't mean I agree with every he says or does. One thing for sure is that you know what you're getting from him. Kerry is a different story. He makes it sound that he would have made all the right choices. How often does anyone make all the right choices? I know I don't. Moving down to Florida was not a right choice, and I felt we were prepared for it. Now, we're stuck making little money and working way too much. There's a pool in the backyard that I have not gotten into since July. How's that for enjoying the sunshine state? This doesn't make me a bad person; it just makes me human. It's easy to say you would have done things differently after the fact. I could say the same thing about moving down here.

The point is that neither candidate is the best one for the job. I definitely don't like Kerry, but I'm not entirely crazy about Bush either. Who knows who I'll vote for. I wish there was a better contender.

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