Sunday, October 03, 2004

White Power Music - News - White Power Groups Turn To Rock CDs To Entice Students

Neo-Nazis are at it again. They have made rock cds and plan to distribute them to schools in Colorado. Neo-Nazis are calling this "Operation Schoolyard USA." These people are a bunch of morons and are trying to make more morons.

What I find interesting is their motto, "We don't just entertain racist kids. We create them." To me that says it all. They have to create racists, which obviously means that people are not born racist. I mean this obivious to me and probably to others. Children become exposed to racist behavior. They are not born that way. I wish the Neo-Nazis would learn from their motto and realize how harmful they are being to society. It's beyond me why anyone hates another person because of his/her religious affiliation and/or ethnicity, but they are out there.

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