Saturday, August 13, 2005

Much Going On In My Mind

I think the stress of being up here without Dan is beginning to get to me. I was excited about celebrating my thirtieth (Sept. 20). I was even planning on going down to Atlantic City, and now I'm scratching that idea right out of my head. I'm just not in the mood for it or any type of celebration for that matter. The car situation is now officially bothering me. I hate not being able to drive anywhere. I have to go look at an apartment, but have to wait and see if my father could drive me. I also want my own place so that I could do whatever I want without having to explain myself. Well, things could be a lot worse and I have to be thankful for everyone that is helping me out (especially Tania that is driving me to and from work).

I have to be a bit more patient. Soon things will fall into place and I'll be thinking back at this as a bad dream. I am keeping myself busy. I have to be very thankful about that. I do go out and visit my friends. I'm also reading a lot. Whenever it is that I'm actually home, I relax and read. Anything to keep myself occupied.

Another major thing that is preoccupying my thoughts lately is going to graduate school. I want to get that going. I've wasted enough time now. My ultimate goal is to be a college professor. I can't do that with only a BA. The job market will also be easier once I at least have a Master's degree. Nowadays, a BA isn't enough unfortunately. I hope that teachers all across high schools are conveying this message to kids. The work force has become so competitive that you stack the odds against you if you don't further your schooling. I'm not saying that you won't make it without a BA or a MA. I do know many people that are successful without degrees.

So that's what's going on lately. I hope to see this stagnant situation moving right along soon. I need my own place and with Dan in it. If anyone knows of any apartments that allow pets, let me know.

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