Sunday, August 28, 2005

Red, Red Wine

For those that know me well, know that I love drinking wine. Some of you may call me a lush, which is fine. I'm not really bothered by the comments. The truth is that I thoroughly enjoy wine. Wine is much more than just an alcoholic drink. Wine sets up the atmosphere the way a great jazz song makes you want to tap your feet or snap your fingers. Wine is perfect when you're having a romantic dinner with your significant other. It transforms dinners at home as great dates that make you fall in love with that person even more. It sheds a light that you may not normally see.

Another thing to add on to the pro side of wine is that you don't have to spend that much money to enjoy a good glass. I've spent ten dollars on a bottle and it tasted phenomenal. If you're interested in becoming a wine connoisseur, then I suggest you start off with a pino grigio or pino gris. These are white wines that tend to be light and fruity. You can't go wrong with wine because it's ultimately what you like (although, I do cringe when I see people drink zinfandel, even though it was my starter wine).

This posting was spurred by the fact that I'm enjoying a nice glass of red wine. Reds are my favorite. What is actually funny is that I use to not be able to drink red wine. I was the tacky one that would put ice in it, even though I knew I shouldn't. I wouldn't do this in public because I didn't want to mortify my friends. Nowadays, I prefer to drink only red with an exception to gewurztraminer or riesling, which tend to delicious white wines. So, here's a toast to you, my friends!

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