Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Halloween was fun and exhausting. This year I decided that since I've been apart from niece and nephew for the past two years (that's what happens when you move to another state) that I would take them to the American Museum of Natural History for some trick or treating. We went with our next door neighbors and met up with Dan at the museum.

My niece was ecstatic, but my nephew ended up being a bit bored. I think he might be too old for this. I didn't realize the crowd would be very young, but he was a trooper. I really enjoyed being there, but have to admit that I was a bit overwhelmed. The place was super packed. I despise being in places that are full of people. It gets me a bit anxious. I think that's something I developed later on in life. When I was a teenager, I use to hit those clubs and not care if I could only take baby steps to move forward because it was so crowded.

Unfortunately, we forgot to charge our digital camera and had to settle for our phones. Here's a picture of JJ, Dan, and Jacque towards the end of the night at the museum.

After we dropped of the kids and returned home, we dressed up our furry son. I bought a costume for Louie. He looked so damn adorable. I couldn't keep it on him for longer than a few minutes because the legs part of the costume were too long for his short legs, which caused him to fall repeatedly. But he did stay still enough to snap some pictures. Here he is Darth Louious as Dan named him.
Darth Louious

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