Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Warning---Please Read

My sister had a guy claiming to be a Verizon representative knock on her door last night at around 8pm. Her front porch light was out so she couldn't see who was at the door. He claimed that he was there to upgrade her to copper(#1 red flag). It's a promotion going on at the moment. My sister does not have internet or verizon for that matter. He insisted on her opening the door. He had some form of id but my sister couldn't read it. He was also covering some part of the id (#2 red flag). My sister asked him to leave and threatened to call the police. The guy said there was no need to call the police, but to open the door because he couldn't hear her (Then why did he know that she threatened to call the cops? #3 red flag).

She told my nephew to grab the baby and his sister, run upstairs, hide and call the police. She remained downstairs to make sure this guy wouldn't open the door. By the time the cops came the guy was gone. She called Verizon and explained what happened. They said there was a promotion in upstate NY to upgrade to fiber optics (not copper that's what you start off with). They are going to investigate the situation and probably file a report with the police.

This guy showed up at one other house on the block that had a car in the driveway. He also knocked on her door only 30 minutes after she got home. Thank God she realized this guy was not a Verizon rep. So if you have someone claiming to be from Verizon, please make sure that he is from Verizon. Don't open the door unless you could verify it. Scary stuff.

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ws said...

Holy scary!! Glad she is alright! Loved the wave hill pics. All you guys have inspired me to start my own blog,