Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hectic but Fun

This past week has been filled with touring Manhattan. My mother-in-law was up from Florida for a conference. She stayed right in Times Square. Since we work right smack in Times Square, right after work we would head over to her hotel and take her out. I haven't walked as much as I did this past week as I have in a long time. Let me tell you, it tired me out. There was one night that I thought I would have to crash in her room. I had to rest for about half an hour in order to muster any energy to walk the remainder five blocks to the train. Even though I was wiped out, we had a great time. We took her everywhere from Union Square to Central Park, which included a horse carriage ride. She enjoyed every bit of it. Dan and I also had a great time. Our week didn't end with rest, either.

Yesterday, we had a baby shower to go to that turned into an all day event. Dan's cousin is six weeks ahead of me and we were celebrating. The shower was a lot of fun. She received plenty of gifts, which we were all excited about. After the shower, we hung out with the family and spent the evening and night chatting away.

Today, I decided to vegetate. With the exception of having to food shop, I spent the day relaxing. I'm just beat! I took a nice afternoon nap, which probably lasted a few hours (I have no idea how much I slept). It was nice to just sit and do pretty much nothing.

By the way, I was asked by Melissa to show pregnancy pictures. I made Dan snap of picture of me this morning. This Tuesday, I will be seven months pregnant! I can't believe that soon enough I'll be able to physically meet my son.

Well, here it is:


all that's right, or not said...

You look great!! I'm glad you posted a picture I was dying to see also!

Melissa H said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!

Xia Diaz said...

Thanks!!!! I feel great, too!

Anonymous said...


You look great. That pregnancy makes you look beautiful. Cant wait to see my nephew.

Love your sis.

Xia Diaz said...

Thanks!! Love you, too!!!