Sunday, June 03, 2007

Registered (Sort of)

We got to Babies R US by 7pm thinking that would be enough time to register. We got kicked out of the store again. In fact, my name was called over the loud speaker to return the scanner. Of course, we weren't done picking stuff out. We're having a hard time with the crib. The price range is so incredible that we're sort of dumbfounded by it. Other than that we got a lot of the big stuff. For some reason, though, my electric breast pump (yes, I'm breastfeeding) hasn't shown up on my registry. I did pick a manual one, but what if that doesn't work for me? I have to find one that is reasonable.

The one who had loads of fun scanning was Dan. I don't think he ever let go of the scanner. Each time I turned around to see what he was doing, he was scanning something or if not he was trying something out to see if he wanted it. He was so cute at the store. I loved it!! He's going to be such a great dad. I really enjoyed watching him.

For being first time parents, I think we have a pretty good idea on what the baby needs. I'm sure there will be stuff that we'll miss, but I feel good about the registry. Let's hope Will feels the same. I think by next weekend, we should be done adding to the registry. Wish us luck!!

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