Sunday, September 09, 2007

A Little bit of Everything

William hasn't made an appearance, yet. Things are progressing quite well with me getting contractions (but not on a steady basis). I think by this week, I will have gone into labor, but what do I know? I keep on having conversations with him about moving on in life. Obviously, he's a little hesitant. That's fine, he'll do so when he's ready.

I'm officially on maternity leave. Friday was my last day at work. Even though I wanted to work up until I went into labor, I think I made a wise choice. We're packing up the apartment for the move. I'm too exhausted to do much (even though I try) when I get home from work. This way, I could work on my own leisure. I've also become extremely lethargic after lunch to the point that I can't keep my eyes open. Also, my coworkers just keep on trying to send me home. I think they're afraid I would go into labor at work. Since I've already begun dilating and all that fun stuff, staying home now is a good choice.

Last night, we went to see the apartment!! This time is was almost completely empty and got a better visual of where we're going to be putting stuff. Dan and I absolutely love it and the owner. She's a very sweet person. She's also very thorough. She walked through each of the rooms and told us what exactly was going to be done with repairs and paint. We gave her the security deposit and next weekend we begin to move our stuff in.

The apartment is officially a three bedroom, but we're going to use one of the rooms as a dining room/computer room (well that's what we're envisioning now). That room is adjacent to the kitchen with the wall between them open sporting a breakfast bar. It's a great open area. The kitchen has three windows! I love that. Our current kitchen is a galley kitchen with no windows. The place has plenty of closet space, which is fabulous. The baby's room is next to ours. In fact, to get to his bedroom , you have to go through ours (and no it's not a railroad apartment). We have plenty of space, which I'm excited about. I can't wait to start moving in.

Also, we met our new neighbors. They're in the process of moving in themselves and heard we were coming over. They stopped by to meet us and were very lovely. The mom and the daughter are both Virgos and were excited to find out that little Will and myself are Virgos. They seem like sweet people and I'm glad we met them. We even got a peek at what their apartment is turning out to be and love what the landlord has done with it. I can't wait!!

So that's pretty much what's been going on with me this past week. As you could see by the time stamp of this post that I'm up early again. I've been up since about 4:30 and got out of bed a little after five. I can't lay in bed if I'm not sleepy. This is the only time I'll probably get to blog today, so I figured I get up. I'm also not upset about being up so early. Since I'm not going back to work, my sleep won't be disrupted. Honestly, I'll probably fall back to sleep in about an hour, but whatever.

Well, that's about it. I'll keep you posted!


gretchen said...

Great news about the apartment! You'll have to post some pictures, although you probably won't have much time by the time you get moved in AND have a baby.

Star said...

Congratulations Mommy.
Welcome to the "Sleepless Club". :)
Love ya.