Sunday, October 21, 2007

I Know I Should be Sleeping...

I know. The baby is sleeping and I should be right there with him in dreamworld. But if I don't take time for myself this morning, it won't happen at all today. For instance, I got up at 6:45am and fed the baby. Afterwards, I began pumping, which took me about a good 45 minutes. I hadn't pumped throughout the night and busted out with 12 oz of milk. Hey, that's 3 feedings I don't have to worry about!

Yesterday, I tried napping while the baby was sleeping and Dan was around. I think I snoozed for about 10 minutes before the baby started wailing. Where was Dan? Poor guy was in the bathroom. Of course, I totally ragged on him about it. Like it's his fault! Sorry, babe! So much for any "me" time.

This past week went back to work. I started a new position (I think I mentioned this in another post that I was promoted) in which I research archived commercials dating back to the fifties for clients. I like the job and it keeps me busy throughout the day. The previous position I was filling in for was extremely boring and I spent most of my time reading. Some of you may think that's ideal, but try doing nothing everyday for several hours a day. I'm sure you'll be bored fast.

The week was tough. It was actually extremely tough. My mornings start between 4 and 5 depending on when the baby wakes up. I have to give myself enough time to feed him, pump, shower, and drive to my mother's. To say the least, it's been very stressful. The lack of sleep adds to the stress. Thursday night I only slept about 2 1/2 hours and that's with Dan helping me out. Imagine if he hadn't?

Getting home hasn't been a piece a cake, either. For one reason or another, I've been getting home around 7. This does not make my day any easier. I still have to worry about cooking/eating, feeding, pumping and sleep. Please let this week be easier.

Besides work, the apartment has been coming along somewhat. Although this past week unpacking has been nearly impossible, the place is looking nice. Hopefully, I'll be able to do something today besides wish that I could be doing any putting away. Let's see how that works out.

I know there's more stuff I want to talk about, but I can't think of it right now. I should get going anyway because it's almost feeding time. Talk to you soon!!

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