Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Weekend is Here!

It looks like I won't have time to post until the weekends. Throughout the rest of the week, I'm getting home close to 7pm and exhausted. I've been trying really hard to get home earlier, but I'm either staying at work later or when I get to my mom's, the baby needs to be fed (or is in the middle of feeding). I think I managed to cook dinner twice this week. Oh well! To be honest, the only day this week that I was hungry when I got home was last night. We ordered Chinese and devoured it (of course I devour the most calorie laden food).

This weekend we have a birthday/Halloween party to go to (in a few hours) and the rest of the weekend is still dedicated to cleaning up and unpacking the apartment. We're almost there. I wish I could blink my eyes and everything would be in its place. I'm tired of this.

My milk supply seems to be dwindling. I know I keep on saying this, but I'm pumping less milk. This morning (3:30am), I actually pumped 7 1/2 oz. I'm going to try Mother's Milk Tea. I hope to see results from this. I just want to pump enough for a whole day's supply of milk. He's drinking anywhere between 4 1/2 oz to 5 throughout the day and drops to about 4 oz at night. Yesterday, I only pumped 28 oz, which doesn't make enough for a day's feeding. If the tea doesn't work and my supply dwindles even further, I'll probably start introducing formula to him.

I know there's more on my mind, but I have to go. I'm waiting for Dan to get back so that I could shower and could get going. Talk to you soon.


all that's right, or not said...

I know you're busy but this post did not include a picture!! He can change a lot in a few day you know. xoxoxo lol glad you are all doing well.

Melissa H said...

You sound so very tired. :-/ I wish I could help. Sending good vibes your way.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

The mother's milk tea used to work well for me. Hope it helps!