Thursday, October 04, 2007

Stress does not Even Come Close to What We've Went Through with the Move

We dealt with three different moving companies. Company #1 was booked on Friday. They were set to come between 9/10 am on Monday morning. We were in touch with them throughout the morning to get an eta on their arrival time. Right around 10:30 am, we receive a call from them stating that they're not sure they have a license to move us to Jersey. WTF!!!!! They didn't know this on Friday? Obviously, they weren't coming over.

Company #2 quoted us $120 an hour flat rate. Fine no problem. There was a $200 deposit fee. Again, no problem. When the movers showed up they wanted a flat rate of $2000 to move a one bedroom apartment. When we said "no," they dropped the rate to $1400. We agreed to do it even though we knew we were getting ripped off. We needed to move out. Even though they took the deposit through a credit card, they wouldn't accept payment that way (of course, this was never explained to us). Furthermore, the freaking deposit was nonrefundable (again, that wasn't explained to us). Yeah, that ended in a fight. The guy was lucky that my son was with me because I wanted to charge at him and break every single bone in his body. We're disputing the charges with the credit card company and reporting them to the Better Business Bureau.

Company #3 was recommended to us by the lady that moved out of the apartment we're moving into. She said they were very fast and professional. Fine, we called them. They were suppose to show up at 5 pm, but didn't get to us until after 8pm. They did bring five guys with them and were very fast. They had our stuff out of the apartment within an hour and the same went with moving us in. We were done moving in by a quarter to one in the morning. Luckily, I spoke with the lady moving out (she's the owner) and she let the downstairs tenants know of our situation. They were very understanding (thank God).

I didn't cry on Monday for some unknown reason. Dan and I were utterly exhausted and devastated at how this day turned out. The baby suffered from my stress levels because he spent the day throwing up the milk I was feeding him. I guess it's true that anything affects your breast milk. I thought it was an old wives' tale.

The story ends well. We moved in and had help from friends and family. Even last night, Cody (our friend and coworker) came over and helped Dan rearrange our furniture. I could now finish unpacking the boxes since everything is in its place. I'm hoping by this weekend we'll be done. Then it's relaxing time!

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