Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

After raining all day, the evening cleared up and guess what we ended up doing? Yup, some more walking. I swear, we walked more than we did the other day. This time around, I carried around the stroller. I think on our twelfth block (this is after playing on the swing and see-saw), he got antsy. Holding hands was not an option for him and walking this way wasn't an option for me.

I put him into the stroller and all hell broke loose. He threw the biggest fit he's ever thrown. There was screaming, crying, kicking off his shoes (about five times), and whining. This went on for about two and a half blocks. I stood my ground and let him throw his fit. I thought I would be self-conscious about it, but it didn't phase me. It won't be the first or last fit he'll throw. He calmed down eventually and got upset again when I was putting him into the car. By this time, I had a headache.

We made it home and by this time you could tell he was tired. He grabbed a giraffe (part of a puzzle) and shoved it under the fridge. Of course, while this is going on and I'm trying to stop him, Dan calls me. I answer the phone as if the world is falling apart. I move the fridge, it gets stuck, and I want to cry. I keep it together and go into the living room to play with him.

Dan finally got home and Will was ready to knock out. I brush his teeth and lay down with him. All that walking got to him and he fell asleep within five minutes. The walking and the giraffe under the fridge got to me too because I almost knocked out right along with him.

It's now 10:10 pm and I managed to eat two cookies, half a ham and cheese sandwich, and a Godiva milk chocolate egg with almond butter. I did manage one other productive thing and that was registering for my summer classes. Yes, I got accepted into graduate school, which I'm not sure if I mentioned it in earlier posts (probably not). This is very exciting!

I'm babbling. It's time for bed. I need to be up by 5:30 am and exhaustion is ruling my body. Good night.

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