Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Little Guy

He always seems to amaze me. I underestimate him all the time. My thought process: he's too little. Let me tell you, I need to change that quickly. He is a smart little boy and Mommy needs to wise up to that.

Will has been on this walking kick and I don't mean walking around the apartment. I mean wanting to walk outside. It's no longer satisfactory to him for me to carry him when I take him out of the car to drop him off at my mother's place. He wants to walk over. On top of wanting to walk over, he likes to walk up to her apartment, which is on the third floor.

When it's time to pick him up to go back home, he wants to walk to the car and continue walking right pass the car. It basically ends up with him throwing a fit while I'm trying to strap him into the car seat. It's not a fun experience for him or me.

Since it was so nice out yesterday and I didn't have to cook dinner, I decided that when we got home we would go for a walk. We started on our walk and I was doing my best to describe all of his surroundings from the birds chirping to the bushes he was touching. He was having a blast.

There's a park a few blocks from my apartment. The only problem with getting to this park is going down a steep hill and then coming back up. We made it to the park, but it was packed with kids playing basketball and touch football. So, I turned around and faced the hill. We began walking up and I kept on asking him if he wanted me to carry him. His response was always "no" and when I would actually pick him up, he would squirm out of my arms. Well let me tell you, he made it up that hill.

We managed walking ten blocks. Yup, he inherited my walking genes. What impressed me more was what happened when I was going to continue walking to meet Dan at the bus stop. We have to pass our house to make it there. Will stopped in front of our place, faced it, and said "up". He knows where we live!! How great is that?

He's great and I can't get enough of him.


Nyla said...

He is getting big! Enjoy him! I wish my little guy was still that little! Hard to believe how time flies! Post some pics of him walking! :)

Melissa H said...

Love it. <3