Friday, April 17, 2009


Yesterday turned out to be a dry, sunny day. Will was right on cue for walking. He stepped out of my parents' place and immediately wanted to walk. We reached the car and the yelling began. Trying to get a toddler into a car seat while he stiffens his body is not an easy task to endeavor. Add to that loosing my balance during the struggle and you could imagine how stressful the few minutes were. I'm amazed that I don't loose my cool. There's no blood beginning to boil or adrenaline pumping through my veins. I'm insanely calm. If this were ten years ago, this wouldn't be the case. I thought I use to be strong, but now I know I wasn't.

So off to the park we drove. Dan was meeting us there and I was excited. I love being outside and sharing this time with my two favorite people is even better. It was a bit chillier than I had expected. Will's hands were turning pink and we decided to cut the outing short. Will was thoroughly enjoying himself. He was running, yelling, grabbing grass and twigs. He was chasing us and we were chasing him.

I picked him up while he had a twig in each hand because he was trying to run off toward the street. I'm not sure how this happened but he shoved one of the twigs into my nose. My eyes immediately watered and I swore I would start bleeding at any second. Man did that suck! My nose is still raw and tender this morning. Boys....

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