Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lot's to Talk About and No Time to Do So

There's so much going on around me that I can't possibly put into this blog. Things are in the works that I will not mention until they come to be. I have this habit of mentioning stuff that might happen, only to have it not happen. I'm making a conscious effort (along with Dan) to keep our mouths shut. If it happens, great and if it doesn't, fine. You should always keep your wishes private that way nobody else could influence the outcome. I'm not saying that people wish me bad because that's not the case, but people have different views on things. Those different views, I believe, have an influence on outcomes. Once I have settled a few things, I'll post them.

Will surprises me every day. We took him out last weekend to a park in Brooklyn. We were meeting up with a few friends. Dan played three games of basketball with the guys and I played all afternoon in the park with Will. We had tons of fun. Will learned how to climb a fence and go up the stairs without my help. He played some basketball too.

He's a very active little boy. Can I tell you that we left our place around 10:30 and didn't get back home until around 10:00 and not once he took a nap? This kid was none stop. He ran everywhere, played everywhere, and tired Mommy a lot. By the time that Dan and I were walking to Port Authority to catch the bus back home, I could barely walk. My legs were aching so badly. Not even in my toughest workouts have I ever felt this way. I better hit the gym again to keep up with him because I'm sure he's only get more active.

Tomorrow we're taking him out again. The weather is going to be gorgeous and I'm not keeping him at home. He loves being outside. He loves walking and for long periods of times. We're taking him to a petting zoo. He should have tons of fun there and I'm sure we'll come back home with everything aching.

Well, time to go. Talk to you soon!

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