Saturday, November 20, 2004

Abortion Clause

The Negotiators Add Abortion Clause to Spending Bill
Like always they are trying to prevent easy measures for women to have abortions. I can't tell you how much this aggravates me. Here's the clause:

The abortion language would bar federal, state and local agencies from withholding taxpayer money from health care providers that refuse to provide or pay for abortions or refuse to offer abortion counseling or referrals. Current federal law, aimed at protecting Roman Catholic doctors, provides such "conscience protection'' to doctors who do not want to undergo abortion training. The new language would expand that protection to all health care providers, including hospitals, doctors, clinics and insurers.

What will happen if this passes through is that you'll have women in the South with unwanted children. Of course this world needs more unwanted children. There are plenty of children that live in orphanages that do not have an idea of what a family life is suppose to be. Let's add more to that. How about women that abuse drugs while they're pregnant? Is it fair to bring that child who will obviously have mental incapacities to this world?

This clause will add to the struggle that many women have with abortions. Bringing unwanted children to this world is not the best idea. That's my opinion on this. We are going to face some tough times ahead of us. I feel if Roe v. Wade ends being overturned we will have great turmoil in this country. Let's see what happens.

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