Saturday, September 03, 2005

War Zone in America

I can't put into words how horrible I feel about Katrina. In fact, it doesn't matter how I feel about it because those victims experiencing it feel a thousand times worse, if not more. I'm sickened by the images I see on tv, but worse I'm sickened by the images my mind sees. Let's face it, the news reporters don't get into the mind set of those people who are facing the worst event in their lives. But I know you could put yourself in their shoes and get a feel for it.

My mom and I have been watching the news and she said something that I can't take out of my head. She said that she can't believe this is happening in America. She's right. Why is it taking so long for supplies to get there? The mighty country that we are saving the world. We can't save our own people? That's fuckin great! We have the biggest and mightiest military in the world, but it takes us a few days to get the national guard down to New Orleans to restore order. The only reason we need to restore the order is because help wasn't there. You try living without food or water in the sweltering heat for a few days. Not to mention that you haven't slept in days because you're protecting your family or are too devasted to actually fall asleep because the images in your head are too horrific to withstand. Then tell me how you're going to react.

UNACCEPTABLE!! That's what this situation is. If we could get live coverage of the hurricane, we could have sent supplies before the hurricane hit. Everyone knew this hurricane was going to destroy New Orleans, Gulfport, and Mobile. They should have had some kind of plan ready to be executed. We could do preemptive attacks, but don't count on us to do that to lessen the severity of a natural disaster. That says a lot about us.

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