Tuesday, December 20, 2005

This is What I Mean When Latin American Countries do Not Rely on Each Other

Skimming through the headline news, I came across an article that I originally had skipped. I had a seven-second delay and the name of the article slapped me back into the present, "Guatemala wants more US help in drugs war." Now, I could see you arguing that it seems like an innocent request. The US is powerful and has the means to help Guatemala out. Why not rely on themselves or the surrounding countries? Drugs are not a new problem afflicting this country. It's that the druglords are now powerful enough to cause damage.

Unfortunately, this story becomes worse. According to Reuters, "Guatemala's reputation took another hit last month when its top anti-drugs official and close aides were arrested in the United States on drug smuggling charges." Corruption! Graft runs rampant in these countries, which allows for volatile situations among its citizens. This kind of behavior trumps any type of progress Latin Americans achieve on their own and also hurts the people in the government who are honest (as honest as politicians can be).

If you haven't read my last post on Latin America, then do so. This post will make much more sense after you do so.

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