Monday, February 13, 2006


Yesterday's blizzard was phenomenal to watch. I haven't seen snowfall like this in a few years. Our super was snow blowing the sidewalk at around 7:30 am (probably earlier considering how much was plowed). Dan and I took advantage and took Louie outside. If he hadn't plowed, I don't know what we would have done with Louie since the snow was already higher than him.

It was snowing so hard that within the 5 minutes (most likely less) we were outside drenched my coat, hat, hair, and scarf completely. Louie looked as if he was wearing a coat and his snout was covered with snow (he was eating the snow). It was way too cold for Louie and we brought him inside so that he would stop shivering (he got groomed the day before so his hair is short).

I had to call out of work (not sad about it) because I couldn't get out of the garage. After we came upstairs, Dan ran (well tried to, it was very windy) to the store to get some stuff. It took him a while to get back home (the store is three blocks away). Needless to say the groceries had snow on them. The rest of the day, we vegetated and occasionally looked out the window.

When it was time to walk Louie again, the ground was so cold that he began to limp (I really need to get him booties). Dan thought he might have stepped on something, but his paw was clean. He did the same thing this morning. He began limping and I had to carry him home. We weren't out for that long either. There's also so much snow around that it distracts him and he takes long to do his necessities.

Anyway, thanks to the blizzard I was able to stay home and do absolutely nothing. I lie, I actually crocheted, but that's about it. I've been craving for a lazy day for a while. I've been working so much that I haven't had time to sit around and do nothing. So thank you blizzard!!

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