Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Did Get Some Sleep

I think I fell asleep around 6:30am on the couch. At least that's the last time I looked over at the cable box to see time. I was then awakened by Dan who was gently caressing my feet. That felt so nice!!! I knocked out again and was then awakened by Louie. He came up to my face and sniffed to make sure I was ok.

The rest of the morning, I spent sleeping on the couch until it was time for me to o to the doctor. Just as I suspected, I have a bacteria in my throat, which is causing my coughing, congestion, and headaches. Afterwards, I went to Rite Aid and spent an hour and a half waiting for my prescription, which wasn't completed. They only had one of the medicines I needed. At least I got the penicillin I needed. The cough medicine with codeine could wait. My coughing has calmed down a bit.

I got home and fell asleep for I'm not sure how long and woke up with the worst congestion and headache I've had in days. Nothing some Tylenol and Afrin nose spray couldn't help. I actually had the energy to walk Louie and as you can see I'm now blogging. The only thing I'm hoping for now is that Dan was able to get out of work early. I need him to make me some soup.

I can't return back to work for another two days, which is fine by me. I need the time to rest and recuperate. Hopefully, I'll have some energy tomorrow to crochet.

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