Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day

I really dislike Valentine's Day. I find it to be a waste of a day. All this pressure gets built up on getting a gift and making sure the day goes perfect that I find it takes away from the enjoyment. Besides, everyday should be Valentine's Day. Seriously, do you need a special reason to buy your significant other a gift?

I also dislike this day when it comes to the restaurant business. Last night I had the pleasure of waiting on couples all night long. We were so busy that we went on a 2 1/2 hour wait. Let me tell about people that go out on Valentine's Day. They never go out throughout the rest of the year. This is the one special occasion to go out and actually spend money. I hate working on this day, not because I rather be home (which I do rather be home), but because I get shitty tips. Ten percent is not an adequate tip people!!!!

Let me make this simple: 15% to 20% is an adequate tip. You ask why? Well for starters your humble server makes 2.13 an hour. Even if we get shafted on tips, we still have to tip the bussers and servers on our sales. So don't be cheap and show some gratitude. And also if your food takes a little longer don't take it out on your server by leaving a cheaper tip. They are not the ones cooking your food. Trust me, they want you to get your food so that they could get rid of you as fast as possible to get another table. And ladies, if you're getting together with your friends and sit for three hours, leave an adequate tip. You're making that sever loose money!!!!!!!

Let's say your bill comes out to $100. 15% of that would be $15. 20% would be $20. Not difficult!!! If you're wallet is tight, than eat less!!!!

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