Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Finger Looking Good!

My stitches don't hurt anymore! I've actually been playing around with them. The swelling has gone down and the green color (from the bruising) is disappearing. It appears to be healing nicely. I don't think I'll have a dent on my finger, either. I'm slightly vain and I was worried that my finger would be disfigured. Even if it is, I'm very lucky that that's the worse thing to happen. The damage could have been worse. The top part of my finger is still numb. Honestly, that bugs me out a bit.

On a different topic, I am changing jobs. No longer will I need to commute to NJ. It's a different restaurant where I will only be bartending. The money is also incredibly better, which I'm psyched about. The downfall is that I will have to work weekends. Either way, I will be saving around $200 a month between tolls and gas. We'll only be using the car on weekends (and rarely). Our car is getting old (it almost has 100,000 miles) and I want it to last us a lot longer. That's one of the wonderful conveniences of living and working in NYC.

Once my stitches are out, I start the job. Another great thing about this new job is that I'll be working under an old friend who is the executive chef. He's a great guy and a pleasure to work with. I have another friend of mine working there. I won't be lonely when I start. The other job is becoming too much of a hassle and the mood is not great there. They just fired one of my friends (a chef) who is expecting a baby in August. That kind of leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Time to move on.

On the school note, I'm more inclined on getting a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. I could curtail this degree to Latin American and Caribbean Studies, which is what I wanted a Master's in to begin with. I pretty much have it narrowed down to two schools. It'll either be Empire State College, which offers the degree without having to take the GRE, or the Graduate Center at CUNY. I think I'm leaning more towards the Graduate Center. It sounds more appealing and it has more resources. ESC would be completely online, which throws me off a bit. I'm the type of student that likes having interaction with professors and other students. Besides, you end up networking when you have personal contact with others in your field. As we all know, networking is the name of the game (as I demonstrated by my new job).

The only drawback is the GRE. I am terrified of taking that exam and not passing it. I tend not to do well on standardized exams. Then again, I won't know how I'll do unless I take it. Once I find out the exact days I'll be working, I'm signing up for it. The worse case scenario is that I don't do well, then I go to ESC. Regardless, I'll come out winning.

BTW: What happens when the hubby tries to throw a piece of chocolate into your shirt? Your stitches end up catching it!! Yup, that's exactly what happened tonight. He threw high and towards my left. I went into automatic and tried catching it, which I would have caught had it not hit my stitches directly! I can't even begin to tell you how painful that was. That hurt more than when I stabbed myself. I dare say that it probably hurt just as much as when I got injected with anesthesia without the burning sensation. Anyway, I had to take my pain killer (which I hadn't taken it since Thursday) to ease the throbbing. Needless to say, Dan felt horrible.

I seriously need to do some long meditation to get rid of all the bad vibe. That'll be one of my goals for tomorrow (besides consolidating my student loans).

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