Thursday, June 22, 2006

Finger Update

I have to say that everyone has been wonderful making sure I'm ok. I've received numerous phone calls and emails, which make me feel special. Thanks! You guys are the best!

I found a hand specialist through our insurance's website. She just happens to work at NYU Medical Center and is the top hand surgeon in the state of New York. Not bad for picking her name out of a website!! She wasn't going to see me yesterday. After I told them what had happened, they figured this was serious enough and squeezed me right in.

Once I got there, the nurse removed my dressing. My finger doesn't look so bad. It's swollen, but the stitches came out nice. I did take pics of the stitches, but I'm sure nobody wants to see that. After touching my finger, the doctor determined that I did indeed cut a nerve. Fortunately, the nerve I cut is very tiny and it's on the top part of my finger. She told me that surgery wasn't necessary. In fact, surgery would probably make things worse.

The numbness will most likely lessen with time. She doesn't gaurantee 100% recovery, but it will repair itself. That's good enough for me! She told me that if this would have happened to her that she wouldn't get operated on. I can't argue with the top hand specialist of the state.

You could say I did a number on myself! Thank goodness that everything will turn out to be fine. I was a bit worried about surgery, but I figured that things will work out on their own. My stitches are staying in until July 10th. So no work for me! I'll end up picking up some hostess shifts to somewhat compensate for my money lost. I'm not worried. Things will work themselves out.

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all that's right, or not said...

I just read today!! OH MAMA!! Good thing sg is right next door!! I hope you are feeling well. Enjoy the down time it does not come around too often. xoxoxo