Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Louie's Update

Thankfully, Louie seems to be healing properly. I was afraid that one of the bites on him would become infected. Unfortunately for him, he's out most of the day. The painkillers and anitbiotics are making him very groggy. He sleeps most of the day without wanting to eat much. If I'm cooking or in the kitchen, he does get up to see if he gets any treats. That's his only motivator.

I got more picctures of him from the morning after the fight. These pictures are very clear and you could see how swollen he was.

This picture is so cute that I had to post it even though it doesn't show any of his bites:


You could see how bruised and swollen his neck is in this picture:


Here you could clearly see the bite marks on his back. This picture makes me cringe:


My poor baby!! I'm glad the medication he's on is taking away the pain. I'll keep you posted on his improvements. I can't wait until he's back to his old self.

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all that's right, or not said...

OH! Poor Louie! We send our love to your little guy.