Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Louie!!

This deserves it's own post! Last night, we received a phone call from Dan's aunt about Louie. She was watching him for us this week. The phone call was something I never expected. Louie was attacked by a pit bull. Needless to say, Dan and I thought he was going to die. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the process of this vicious attack. Dan's cousin, whose ten years old, was the one walking him when the pit bull caught site of Louie. Christopher, trying to save Louie, tried choking the animal by grabbing his collar. When he saw that that wasn't working, he began kicking him (he's in karate).

His mom jumped in and began hitting the dog with the leash that he had ripped off Louie. My poor dog was dragged by the ear from in front of their house to across the street. He was bitten all over. Louie fought back, but to no avail. He couldn't get a bite in. It took about four or five people to get this animal off of Louie. Once they managed to do so, Louie laid on the floor in shock. Lucy scooped him up
and off to the hospital they went.

From the shock, he threw up a couple of times. Once he got to the hospital, they x-rayed him to make sure he didn't have any broken bones. They shaved the areas he was bitten, which was a lot. The vet said that most of the bites are superficial with a few deep ones. They wouldn't give him any stitches because they were bites. Once they got home, they noticed that he wasn't able to walk. He kept on falling on his face. His front right leg and his left hind leg were bitten into the muscle, which made it painful for him to lean on. So, he kept on falling on his face. Poor baby! He fell asleep in Lucy's arms because he couldn't lay on his pillow. He got bit by his penis (yup) and it was uncomfortable for him to lay down.

When we finally got to see him this afternoon, he looked better (I got to see the before pictures; not a pretty sight). He was excited to see us and seemed animated. I'm so grateful that nothing else happened. This situation could have turned horrible. The reason this pit bull got loose was because the eight year old that was hanging out with him, decided to take him out for a walk by herself without a leash. The parents didn't realize she had opened the door. Anyway, the worst is over. Louie is recovering.

He's now knocked out on antibiotics and pain killers. Poor thing is all bruised and cut up. Although the pictures don't do him justice, I'll post them anyway.

This picture is of his back area where he got the worse bites:


Pay close attention to his neck; you'll notice the bruising:


This one is of the bites by his penis:


If you look closely, you'll see the bite on his ear and neck. I couldn't get a good picture of this:


As you could see, we'll have to pay close attention to him for the next few days. I'm glad that he's doing better and that the swelling has gone down. We walked him earlier and he seemed pretty alert. He'll be in pain for a few days. Thank God he's alive!


Melissa H said...

Poor thing!!!!!

Quick healing to your baby.

Colleen said...

OMG! Poor Louie! I see from other posts he is doing better, thank goodness. Did anything happen to that pit bull?

Xia Diaz said...

The pit bull was taken to the owner's son's house. We didn't press any charges because they're Dans aunt's neighbors and they paid for Louie's hospital bill. So we decided to leave things alone.