Friday, June 30, 2006

Superman Returns and Then Some

Dan, his coworkers, Cody and Andrew, and myself went to watch Superman Returns at the Regal Cinemas by Union Square in the East Village. I found the movie to be very enjoyable even though it did have a few holes (that is about as much as I am willing to reveal about the movie). Either way, I found it to be fun and I couldn't stop staring at Brandon Routh (definite eye candy).

The night kept on getting better. After the movie was over, we were standing on the corner of 13th street discussing the movie. At first, I notice the guys acting a bit strange as if they just saw the most gorgeous woman in their lives. Standing right behind me was Gabriel Byrne. I probably would not have realized who he was unless someone pointed him out, but nonetheless it was cool.

We're still chit-chatting when I spot Regis Philbin with his wife Joy. I start saying "Look, it's Regis. Look, it's Regis. LOOK! It's Regis Philbin!" At this point, Regis probably heard me, and so did the guys. Regis, I hope you mention me tomorrow on your show, since I know you heard me! I was very excited about seeing him. Yeah, I was actually star struck. This has never happened to me, but tonight was there just the right amount of stars.

Then as on cue, Cody is looking and says, "No fucking way! It's Tom Hanks!" We all turn around to see Tom Hanks and I'm guessing his family get into a Suburban. That was really cool!! We were all in awe at what was happening around us.

Then we all notice that there's a Suburban still hanging out by the theater. Now, we purposely hang out to see who else was coming out. We guessed that there was some kind of screening going on. It's not possible to see all of these celebrities hanging out in the same spot for no reason.

We waited a few more minutes and to not be disappointed, Jerry Bruckheimer came out chatting it up with his friends. We couldn't believe what was going on! After all the excitement, we decided to hit a bar. We went to Spain Restaurant & Bar, which offered complimentary tapas. Our bill was so inexpensive that we are all returning tomorrow night for some drinks and paella.

Overall, the night was awesome! Out of all the people I saw, I was most excited about Tom Hanks (not that the other ones aren't cool). It seems that Tom Hanks is a pretty nice person and definitely a great actor. I very much enjoy all of his films.

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